GoodData Support Policies and Service Level Commitment for GoodData Cloud





  1. Scope of Support.

    1. You shall be responsible for providing basic “First Level” support to Your Users and Your customers, including receipt of initial support calls and basic problem identification and diagnosis. In the event that You, after providing basic support, are unable to resolve technical issues, GoodData shall provide You with reasonable back-up support in accordance with this GoodData Support Policy. GoodData support services (“Support”) are intended to assist You in troubleshooting and resolving specific issues relating to You and Your Users’ use of the Subscription Services. GoodData will partner with You in the resolution of issues directly involving the Subscription Services that You are unable to resolve. You are expected to fulfill reasonable troubleshooting tasks as recommended by GoodData Support staff.

    2. Issues arising from a need for implementation or configuration of Ancillary Services are not covered under Support as described in this Support Policy and can be addressed by GoodData by way of a statement of work or order form under a separate Ancillary Services engagement.

    3. Support does not include assistance with or support for non-GoodData products, services or technologies, including databases, identity providers, computer networks, communications systems, computers, hard drives or printers.

    4. GoodData makes Support available to You seven (7) days per week, 24 hours per day, and it is included with the Subscription Services (“Coverage Period”). All Support is provided in English.

    5. GoodData reserves the right to request access to a User’s Subscription Service environment to help troubleshoot any issues, and GoodData may not be able to troubleshoot the issue if You do not approve such access. GoodData will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide Support, and does not guarantee that it will fix any or all Subscription Services defects or make changes to the Subscription Services.

    6. In connection with GoodData’s data center operations, You specifically consent to and grant GoodData’s worldwide service personnel the express right to access, troubleshoot and provide technical support or implementation services related to any Customer Data that is processed in GoodData’s data centers. Please see GoodData’s Privacy Policy, incorporated herein by reference, for more information about GoodData’s processing of Support-related data.

  2. Contacting GoodData Support.

    You may obtain Support through the following contact methods:

    1. Online Support Portal. You can submit a Support ticket via the online form.

    2. Email Support. GoodData will provide You with access to Support via email. Support tickets are created for all requests received at, or through the online form.

    3. Telephone Support. You can contact GoodData Support on the phone number provided to You on the GoodData Support portal. If a GoodData representative is unavailable to take Your call, You may leave a detailed message that describes the support issue, and include Your phone number and email address. Voicemails will be automatically converted into Support tickets and emailed to Support personnel on duty.

  3. How Requests Are Logged and Tracked.

    For each specific Support request, the GoodData Support team creates a Support ticket and assigns a Support request number. If You call or email with several different issues, GoodData may create different Support request numbers to track each individual issue. Responses to Support emails are automatically logged with the original request.

  4. Severity Levels and Response Times.

    1. For any issue with the Enterprise Subscription Services reported to GoodData during the Coverage Period, GoodData will make commercially reasonable efforts to provide an initial Response (as defined below in Section 4.2).

    2. As used in this Support Policy, “Response” means that GoodData will make commercially reasonable efforts to answer Your telephone call or respond to Your web or email request received during the Coverage Period, as stated in Table 1 below (“Target Response Times”). GoodData will then acknowledge Your issue, and assign the issue a Support request number. In some cases, GoodData may need to obtain additional information from You in order to resolve the issue. Response times depend on the Severity Level of the issue.

      Table 1
      Severity Levels and Target Response Times
      Severity LevelsTarget Response Times
      Severity Level 1Within 1 hour, 24x7, 365
      Severity Level 2Within 4 **Business Hours
      Severity Level 3Next **Business Day

      **Business “Days” and Business “Hours” are 6am to 6pm based upon the following three (3) geographical GoodData Support regions, excluding legal holidays in each of those regions: San Francisco/Pacific Time, Prague/CET and Sydney/GMT +11.

    3. GoodData will make Severity Level determinations in accordance with the following guidelines:

      • Severity Level 1 is an emergency condition related to an error in the Subscription Services that makes the use or continued use of any one or more functions of the Subscription Services impossible. In such cases, Support personnel will provide incremental updates in the Support ticketing system for all customer Support tickets classified as a Severity Level 1 issue every 20-30 minutes until the Subscription Services is operational again. Examples include the Subscription Services being completely inaccessible to Your Users due to an error.

      • Severity Level 2 is, other than any Severity Level 1 issue, any condition that makes the use or continued use of any one or more critical areas of functionality of the Subscription Services inoperable and threatens future productivity. Example is inability to create new Workspaces or add new Users.

      • Severity Level 3 is, other than any Severity Level 1 or Severity Level 2 issue, a minor problem condition or documentation error that the customer can easily circumvent or avoid. Examples include product enhancements, usage questions, and cosmetic problems.

  5. GoodData Support Forums

    1. GoodData created the online community at and Slack channel at, both designed to share experiences about GoodData services, easily receive information about GoodData services, and get a peer-to-peer support and thought leadership on best practices.

    2. When seeking assistance via support forums, You are expected to provide a detailed description of your question.

    3. Use of the GoodData support forums is subject to their specific terms of use and the GoodData Privacy Policy. Availability of the GoodData support forums, response times, and accuracy of responses are not guaranteed.

  6. Updates to the Support Policy.

    GoodData reserves the right to modify, change and update this Support Policy at any time, at its sole and exclusive discretion. GoodData will provide You notice of material changes to this Support Policy on the GoodData Support portal. Your continued use of the Subscription Services after receiving such notice shall constitute your acceptance of any such changes to this Support Policy.


This GoodData Service Level Commitment applies only to the GoodData Cloud Enterprise Subscription Plan.

  1. Availability.

    The Subscription Services will be available at least 99.5% of each month during the Subscription Term, excluding “Scheduled Downtime”, “Unscheduled Downtime” and “Other Causes” (“Service Level Commitment”). The Subscription Services are available when users are able to successfully login to the application and access their Workspace.

    1. “Scheduled Downtime” means the downtime resulting from regular or ad-hoc maintenance, improvements and upgrades. Scheduled Downtime is communicated in accordance with Section 4 below at least forty-eight (48) hours in advance of the maintenance time.

    2. “Unscheduled Downtime” means the downtime resulting from a Force Majeure.

    3. “Other Causes” means: (a) downtime caused solely by You and Your Customers or Users’ use of the Subscription Services other than in accordance with the Agreement; (b) lack of availability or untimely response time from You with regard to incidents that require Your participation for source identification and/or resolution; (c) the impairment or unavailability of minor features or functionality that do not adversely affect the end user experience or productivity such as cosmetic defects or pending requests for functionality or configuration changes not included in the core Subscription Services offering; (d) system impairment or unavailability caused by scheduled routine activities such as the loading of new data;(e) Your or Your Customers or Users’ computers or network equipment and any third party activities, equipment or software not within GoodData’s direct control; and (f) unavailability caused by Your data sources or Identity provider.

  2. Downtime Measured.

    You will notify GoodData of any downtime experience within forty-eight (48) hours of the incident, and You must obtain a “support ticket” reference number in order to track Support results and to qualify for calculation against the Service Level Commitment hereunder. The measurement of record for availability of the Subscription Services shall be GoodData’s system logs and other records.

  3. Notices.

    Availability notices will be sufficient if posted on the GoodData Support portal located at in a timely manner.

  4. Exclusion of Trial and Demo Accounts.

    GoodData Trial Services, demo accounts and other test and/or development environments are expressly excluded from this Service Level Commitment or any other GoodData service level commitment.

  5. Subscription Services Technical Limits:

    1. Your use of the Subscription Services is subject to the limits set forth in the Documentation.

    2. Actual Subscription Service entitlements may differ from the limits based on the Subscription Services offering You select.

    3. If You or Your Users exceed any of the limits defined above in Section 6.1, GoodData will have no liability to You under this Service Level Commitment.

  6. Updates.

    GoodData reserves the right to modify, change and update this Service Level Commitment at any time, at its sole and exclusive discretion. GoodData will provide You notice of material changes to this Service Level Commitment on the GoodData Support portal. Your continued use of the Subscription Services after receiving such notice shall constitute your acceptance of any such changes to this Service Level Commitment.