GoodData Spectrum
GoodData Spectrum

Analytics.Meet Context.

Dashboards and reports just don't cut it anymore for busy users, who just want to get their jobs done. GoodData Spectrum is a suite of UI capabilities that empowers users with contextual, actionable insights, right at their point of work, for every decision type.

Every decision is different. Every interaction should be too.

Analytic tools have historically been one-size-fits-all. Your busy teams don't want spreadsheets or static dashboards and reports. They want just the information that is relevant to the decision at hand, presented in a way that is personalized, contextual, intuitive, and actionable.

“Analysis will become increasingly embedded in processes, devices, and applications; it will, therefore, be both more pervasive and less visible — flipping the burden of prompting its use from the user to the machine.” -- Gartner Predicts 2018: Analytics and BI Strategy, March 2018.

Leave time consuming number crunching to the machines. Put actionable insights right at the point of work.

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Support for every type of decision...

High-frequency decisions

Simple intuitive recommendations and predictions for high-frequency decisions like whether or not to approve or reject a claim.

Scenario Analysis

Watch predicted outcomes change in real time as inputs are adjusted.

Monitor KPIs

Keep an eye on the business with alert-driven KPI dashboards.

Ad-hoc questions

Curated data discovery capabilities for ad-hoc questions like exploring trends

Finally. Data becomes business critical.

GoodData Spectrum includes GoodData.UI, a React-based JavaScript library for building analytical applications.

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GoodData Spectrum is backed by GoodData’s end-to-end cloud analytics platform.

Read the Platform Overview
End-to-end high capacity data-pipeline, covering data collection, integration, analytics, and distribution
Highly scalable multi-tenant distribution to tens of thousands of customers and hundreds of thousands of users
Machine learning hosting, operationalization and monitoring that drives predictions, categorizations, forecasts and recommendations
Highly elastic and performant with enterprise-class security backed by the highest security certifications
Offered as a complete managed service, with a single SLA

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