Understanding the ROI of Embedded Analytics

Understanding the ROI of Embedded Analytics

Understanding the ROI of Embedded Analytics

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Most SaaS leaders understand the critical importance that data and analytics can play in transforming their business. But have you considered that data and analytics are not just essential to reducing costs and making better strategic decisions, but also can be the keys to actual business growth? Gartner estimates that more than 90% of business leaders will view content information as a strategic asset, yet fewer than 10% will quantify its economic value1. Are you part of the 90% of business leaders that recognizes their data as an asset? Better yet, are you part of the 10% that knows how to quantify its value?

If you’re an SaaS leader with growth on the brain, now is the time to invest in embedded analytics that can harvest the full value from the data that already exists within your core product. Turn the page to get a better understanding of the market opportunity for data products and services, how analytics can help you create business growth, and what key attributes to look for in an embedded analytics partner solution.

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