Profiting From Actionable Analytics

Profiting From Actionable Analytics

Profiting From Actionable Analytics

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Actionable analytics directly affect the efficiency and effectiveness of business operations. They operate on the front-line of the business in day-to day operational activities, so must be robust, scalable, accurate and reliable.

The availability of big data, streaming data, powerful new analytical techniques and integration technologies are driving the merging of business analytics with operational activities. This is a new landscape with a new set of requirements, leading to the development of new methods for the design, implementation, deployment and monitoring of analytics embedded into the fabric of operational activity.

In this session Martin Butler of Butler Analytics and Bill Creekbaum, VP of Product for GoodData discuss:

  • The analytical landscape and how different techniques work together
  • Typical applications of actionable analytics
  • How to tame the escalating big data challenge
  • The infrastructure requirements for actionable analytics
  • Emerging standards that support actionable analytics
  • The benefits & pitfalls associated with various approaches
  • The role of emerging technologies

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