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How To Build Real-time, Multi-tenant Analytics

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How To Build Real-time, Multi-tenant Analytics

Presented by

Lauri Hänninen
Product Marketing Manager

Time and date


30 minutes


Building real-time, multi-tenant analytics solutions programmatically is a great way to streamline the development process. With the API-first approach, you can create analytics solutions and bring insights to your end users faster than ever before.

In this webinar, our GoodData expert will guide you through:

  • How to create a customer-facing analytics solution programmatically using declarative APIs
  • How to establish hierarchies in your metadata with multi-tenant analytics
  • How to quickly embed analytics into an application with GoodData.UI

Meet the Presenters:

Lauri Hänninen, Product Marketing Manager

Lauri believes that great people can create great products — and that great products can change the world. At GoodData, Lauri leads product marketing efforts for GoodData’s new cloud-native data analytics platform, which helps companies bring extensive data interaction to all products, people, and processes.

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