Monetizing Your Data and Analytics: The 5 Stages of Success with Industry Expert Wayne Eckerson


Enterprises are relying on IT to help support corporate 'digital transformation' initiatives by implementing new multi-tenant cloud BI solutions that create new revenue opportunities and accelerate an organization's analytic maturity.

But climbing this curve may require the organization to re-think and re-prioritize the goals of existing BI and analytic infrastructures, which may not be up to the task. Multi-tenant cloud BI solutions offer the greatest potential for successfully meeting these challenges because they are able to:

  • Re-focus IT on establishing the best balance between data governance and self-service agility
  • Identify and service multiple data monetization networks at once through a cascaded deployment model
  • Shrink analytic application delivery and evolution cycles while incorporating user requests and feedback

Join industry luminary Wayne Eckerson as he introduces these concepts and explains how they help move an organization up his analytic maturity curve. And Jeff Morris will highlight the disruptive practices in building data products that make this process work, even for organizations in the earliest stages of realizing the value of their data.

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