Monetizing Media Data: How Media Companies Should Revise Their Data Strategy to Attract More Advertisers and Unlock New Revenue Streams


As players in an industry founded on information, media companies understand that their data is uniquely powerful and precious. But is your company really getting the full value out of the mountain of gold that is the data that it generates every day? Are you optimally positioned and equipped to gather, analyze, and act on the information your business generates to improve decision making and generate new revenue?

GoodData has partnered with FOLIO: Magazine, the leading source for strategy and insights in digital publishing, and visionary media data experts to create this guide to answer those questions. We’ve gone ‘in the trenches’ with some of the most forward thinking media companies to glean the latest and best tactics for monetizing media data.

“People spend so much time with media—because they are constantly exposed to it—that the richness and volume of media data make it a highly valuable business resource,” says Anne Moxie, a senior analyst at Nucleus Research. “Smart media companies should be calculating their ROI on that data, just as they would with any new content or show.”

Download the guide today to learn:

  • Understanding and overcoming the Five Obstacles to Monetizing Media Data
  • Eight core strategies and processes to boost the value of your data
  • How leading media companies like Twitch and others are implementing big data solutions and reaping the rewards
  • How you can begin implementing a big data solution for your own organization

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