Key Strategies for Profitable Business Analytics

Key Strategies for Profitable Business Analytics

Key Strategies for Profitable Business Analytics

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The proliferation of data sources – transaction data, web data, data from trading partners, online services just to name a few – mandates the merging of business analytics with operational activities. Effectively managing this data-driven business landscape requires embedding analytics directly into the fabric of your operational activities, as well as developing new methods for deploying and monitoring the analytics embedded into the fabric of your operational activities.

If organizations are to effectively harness this flood of data, they will need to implement the right combination of strategy and tools that will lead to revenue, differentiation, customer retention and new customer acquisition.

During this session Martin Butler, Founder of Butler Analytics, and Marcin Grobelny, Director of Professional Services at GoodData, discuss:

  • How the existing analytics mindset must evolve to meet changing business requirements.
  • Why information services are key to profitability and many other benefits.
  • Why data diversity offers more business opportunities than data volume.
  • How to understand the needs of your “information consumers”.
  • How to build a data strategy that goes beyond simple charts and dashboards to truly add value for the entire organization.

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