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A Winning Partnership Since Day One

A Winning Partnership Since Day One

A Winning Partnership Since Day One

Keboola is a team of people that are so passionate about the power of data, they proudly introduce themselves as “data geeks.” Founded as a custom development house in Prague, by 2009 Keboola had found themselves spending a growing number of hours on business intelligence (BI) related projects. Realizing the potential in BI, Keboola set out to find a partner on whose platform they could build their solutions and business.

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Results with GoodData:

  • Experienced 400% revenue growth within the first year of partnership
  • More than 20 successful implementations to date, and climbing
  • 90% of revenue currently driven by GoodData implementations of marketing programs

Establishing a Partnership With a Shared Vision

Milan Veverka, Keboola Partner, still remembers Keboola's initial consultation with GoodData. “From the moment we connected, we knew GoodData was the right choice," he said. "Not only is the GoodData platform the most complete and powerful solution on the market, but there’s a shared commitment to the customer.”

Keboola soon made a decision that would change the course of their company, realigning their business entirely around custom implementations of GoodData’s open analytics platform. In less than a year, they knew they had found their sweet spot in BI, more than doubling in team size as revenue grew by upwards of 400%. And they were just getting started.

Building a Business Around Superior Service

Their new direction initially focused strictly on custom implementations. As GoodData’s first implementation partner, Keboola knew there was an opportunity to establish themselves as the foremost expert on the subject. Their stated goal was, and still is, to help customers get the most out of the platform, customizing it to meet their unique needs, and delivering fast time to value with smooth, speedy launches.

But soon other opportunities began to present themselves organically. They realized the potential to create a custom connector that would assist clients in quickly mapping and integrating a larger number of data sources via a web-based interface. And the Keboola Connection was born: a SaaS solution designed to speed development and ETL for clients with big data demands.

As they worked with more and more clients, they also saw the market need for packaged solutions and dashboards addressing common analytics use cases. In response, they launched Keboola Social Analytics and Keboola PPC Manager, becoming GoodData’s first Certified Solution provider.

With a deeper understanding of the GoodData platform than any other services provider on the market, they recognized the value they could deliver as a subject matter expert. Milan stated, “The thing we know best in the world is how to build and manage GoodData.” The Keboola Academy was founded. Serving initially as an internal tool and later extended to clients, it helped them to better understand and use the GoodData solution through immersion training.

The Academy was so well conceived and effective, GoodData also began using it internally as part of the new employee onboarding process.

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“Partnering with GoodData, we’re able to offer customers a best-in-class BI solution with quick time to value, tailored to their unique needs. Everyone wins.”
Milan Veverka
Milan Veverka Partner at Keboola

Discovering Three Parallel Paths to Business Success

On every count, Keboola blazed a path that would set the direction for future GoodData business relationships, serving as a partnership success story while delivering customer success after success.

  • A buildout of custom data connectors for Centrum Holdings, an internet media company with more than one million visitors a day, allowed them to unite multiple data sources in less than two months — driving insights that ultimately saved $25K per month in sales headcount while increasing conversion by 15%.
  • Their custom implementation of the platform at CSC, a global IT services and solutions firm with over 80,000 employees, allowed them to measure the performance of a newly launched demand generation model — demonstrating a 206% increase in MQLs. Said Chris Marin of CSC, “Keboola was absolutely phenomenal to work with. Not only were they able to help us launch in less than 90 days and iterate rapidly, but they challenged us to explore new ways to use the product.”
  • Using the Keboola Academy framework, they created a custom eLearning environment to help Zendesk, a cloud-based customer service platform, launch their new analytics product— Zendesk Insights Advanced Learning. Anton de Young, Director of Customer Education and Community, explained, “The Keboola courses offer the [in-depth] training you need to become an expert on Insights, GoodData, and customer service analytics.”
Zendesk Insights Advanced Learning: Customer Satisfaction Ratings Dashboard.
Zendesk Insights Advanced Learning: Customer Satisfaction Ratings Dashboard. All data has been genericized.

Today, Keboola serves not only as GoodData’s longest-standing partner but also as a partner to the larger GoodData community. They also resell the solution to their customers directly, providing them with three unique revenue streams and paths to success. Milan stated, “We’ve never regretted betting on GoodData. From our access to executives, the degree of support, and the quality of the product itself, GoodData has exceeded our expectations as a partner in every way.”

And the feeling is mutual. As GoodData CEO and Founder Roman Stanek explained, “Keboola has shaped the way we approach partnerships. They’ve served as a benchmark for what can be achieved when both parties collaborate openly to drive customer success. We couldn’t be happier about working with them.”

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