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A Winning Partnership Since Day 1

Customer Case Study: Keboola



Keboola is a team of people that are so passionate about the power of data, they proudly introduce themselves as “data geeks.” In 2009 Keboola had found themselves spending a growing number of hours on business intelligence related projects. Realizing the potential in BI, Keboola set out to find a partner on whose platform they could build their solutions and business.

Keboola soon made a decision that would change the course of their company, realigning their business entirely around custom implementations of GoodData’s open analytics platform.

Read the Keboola Partner Story to learn how, by partnering with GoodData, they:

  • Grew revenues 400% within the first year
  • Led more than 20 successful implementations (and counting)
  • Drive 90% of revenue through GoodData implementations of marketing programs

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