Introducing: The GoodData + Amazon Redshift integration


Delivering end-to-end analytics solutions to every user across one’s business presents many challenges. In addition, these solutions must deliver a user experience that is intuitive for both those who are data-savvy and those who are not.

The combination of GoodData’s powerful end-to-end analytics platform and Amazon Redshift can overcome the bulk of the challenges associated with delivering analytics solutions to the masses.

Jiri Tuma
Product Manager, GoodData

Ondrej Macek
Product Manager, GoodData

AWS Speaker:
Matt Scaer
Principal DWH Solution Architect, AWS



  • Empowering your users to perform data discovery on their own 
  • Making your product “sticky” with engaging analytics they can’t get anywhere else
  • Distribute insights to all of your customers quickly and easily
  • Amazon Redshift data management and analytics use cases
  • How ISV product teams and enterprises can use this integration to their advantage

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