How to Achieve Consistency Over Your Metrics?
EVENTS  |  Jan 26, 2022

How to Achieve Consistency Over Your Metrics?

How to Achieve Consistency Over Your Metrics?

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Lack of consistency over metrics is a widespread issue. How can you ensure that everyone in the organization uses consistent KPIs in line with the company’s objective?

Join us to discover what metrics stores are about, and to hear the view of experts from Dbt, GoodData, Transform and MetriQL.

The solution lies in having a centralized repository of metrics accessible to all, standardizing the way business metrics are created, computed, served, and consumed. Up until recently, if organizations wanted a single source of truth for metrics, they had to build it on their own. Giants such as Airbnb, Uber, and Linkedin built their own in-house solutions. Sadly, this is not a piece of cake for everyone, as it requires heavy infrastructure investments and sometimes years of work on behalf of engineering teams.

That’s where metrics stores come into play. A metrics store is a centralized place for organizations to store key metrics. It is a way of centralizing organizational knowledge, creating a repository for users to access key metrics in a repeatable way, regardless of how they plan to consume them.

This category of tools is rather new, and some questions are still floating around the matter:

🛠  Which technological changes brought about the need for metrics stores?

🎁  What are the benefits of a metrics store?

👟  How does a metrics store fit in the modern data stack?

🎳  How are metrics stores used by data teams in practice?

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