How Embedded Analytics Help Businesses Drive Adoption and Growth

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How Embedded Analytics Help Businesses Drive Adoption and Growth


As a result of everyday operations, businesses of every category are generating more data than ever before. And while you probably know that this data is valuable, is it reaching its full potential?

Even today, most companies still haven’t quite figured out how to make their data part of their financial (and product) roadmap, despite the fact that they are sitting on huge untapped stores of it. Now is the time to innovate and accelerate ahead of your competition by joining the top-performing SaaS leaders on the bell curve of data monetization. Embedded analytics can help you land net new business, strengthen relationships, increase retention, and create new lines of revenue, offering upgrades or even launching new data products.

In this guide, we’ll cover why analytics should be a top business priority. We’ll take a look at the value of the market and the advantages to be gained as an early mover in the analytics game. Finally, we’ll provide you with a four-step roadmap to unlocking the full value of the data that already exists within your SaaS solution—by embedding fully customizable advanced analytics right into your core product.

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