How Big Data is Revolutionizing the Restaurant Industry

How Big Data is Revolutionizing the Restaurant Industry

How Big Data is Revolutionizing the Restaurant Industry

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Competition in the restaurant industry is at an all-time high. Fortunately, GoodData and Fast Casual have partnered to create How Big Data is Revolutionizing the Restaurant Industry. This guide for our friends in the restaurant world explains how to collect, analyze and distribute the right data that will enable you to better understand your customer’s preferences, improve your menus and service, and generate greater revenue.

Jeff Morris, GoodData’s vice president of strategy, encourages restaurants to take advantage of the benefits that distributed analytics offer.

"You should push the metrics you generate out to all your different location managers or franchise owners, and your franchisees should share data with each other and with the parent group. It's very important for restaurant operators and the parent group to be able to measure everything and to have deeper-level KPIs beyond the average unit volume of a store.”

Download the guide today to learn:

  • How data can help improve performance, give you a competitive edge, align product offerings to customer preferences, and much more
  • How centralizing and distributing analytics can help benchmark performance, incentivize operational improvements, and increase visibility into key learnings and best practices to increase sales and revenue
  • How brands like Dickey’s Barbecue, Panera Bread, Pizza Hut, and others are implementing big data solutions and reaping the rewards
  • How you can begin implementing a big data solution for your own organization

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