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Getting the Full Value of Media Data

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Getting the Full Value of Media Data


Re-thinking your data strategy to improve strategic operations, attract advertisers and unlock new revenue streams.

Are you getting the full value from your data? The media industry is shifting from a ‘media-company-with-data-analysis-skills’ approach to a ‘data-company-that-uses-media-to-drive-engagement’ one.

As part of this transformation, data should be treated as a valuable asset in its own right, not just “exhaust” from your primary business. Your data can improve strategic decision-making, attract and retain advertisers, and even directly generate new revenue.

In this webinar, Tony Silber of FOLIO: Magazine and Marcin Grobelny of GoodData explore this progression and the ways that thinking differently about data can impact not only business lines, but also the balance sheet itself. You'll learn:

  • How leading-edge companies are putting actionable data into the hands of market-facing business leaders.
  • How the use of third-party partner companies can leapfrog media companies forward with less cost and less disruption.
  • How to adapt your organization from a media-first approach to a data-first approach.
  • How to implement the principle that data has inherent value as an asset.
  • How advanced analytics can change your data into a proactive resource impacting strategic decisions.

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