GD Live! Creating Powerful Analytics for Business Users Using Metrics, MAQL & Analytical Designer


In this series of webinars, Cameron O'Rourke, GoodData's Director of Technical Product Marketing, provides analytics practitioners and developers with analytics best practices, tools, and techniques along with live demonstrations of GoodData’s platform and technology. 

In this episode, Cameron dives into the powerful and concise language used to create metrics in GoodData, the Multi-Dimensional Analytical Query Language (MAQL). 

In this session we show:

  • How the logical data model sets the stage for more powerful analytics with less code. 
  • How metrics are able to break down complexity into simple components. 
  • How a single MAQL expression can replace dozens of lines of SQL code. 
  • How metrics created with MAQL are highly flexible and reusable.
  • How GoodData’s Analytical Designer leverages metrics to present a safe, well-defined, easy-to-use, and fast data discovery capability for business users. 
  • How data structures can be updated and evolved without impacting the existing insights.

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