Enabling the Third Wave of Analytics: Embedded BI Takes Center Stage


With special guest Michael Lock, SVP of Research, Aberdeen

Today’s data-savvy companies actively seek ways to enhance their approach to analytics and evolve out of the past.  While the first wave of BI involved static, rigid, IT-owned systems, and the second expanded the capabilities to a more business-facing analyst set, the third wave aims to infuse analytical activity into multiple layers of non-technical business roles.  As a key strategy to enable this third wave, companies today are exploring an embedded approach that places analytical activity directly in the context of everyday user applications, and the independent software vendors (ISVs) and enterprises providing those applications have taken notice of this trend.  Done efficiently, embedded analytics promotes faster deployment and pervasive usage of analytics for end-users while delivering a competitive advantage and the opportunity for new revenue streams for software vendors and enterprises.

During this “fireside chat” webinar, Mike Lock, Aberdeen S.V.P. of Research and Kevin Smith, Vice President of Product Marketing at GoodData discuss this “Third Wave of Analytics” in context.  The conversation touches on key research findings from Aberdeen’s recent Embedded Analytics survey, discuss the attainable results for ISVs and those companies seeking to embed analytics in their solutions, and provide real-world examples of companies putting this approach into action.

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