EAB Equips Educational Institutions with GoodData-Powered Analytics

EAB Equips Educational Institutions with GoodData-Powered Analytics

EAB Equips Educational Institutions with GoodData-Powered Analytics

EAB is a leading provider of education research, technology, and advisory services. EAB equips over 2,500 educational institutions and companies with the tools to propel data-driven results across enrolment management, student success, and institutional operations and strategy.

Today, EAB’s solutions leverage more than 1,900 GoodData workspaces that are integrated into its product portfolio. As a result, partner institutions have access to custom dashboards and can visualize data to better serve their students.

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Challenges Challenges
  • Years ago, EAB’s tailored data reports for each partner school could only be manually created internally in a complicated Excel template and then presented in PowerPoint.

  • EAB needed to increase the utility and accessibility of these reports, as well as provide self-service tools for institutionspecific analyses.

Solution Solution
  • GoodData’s pricing structure struck the right balance of affordability for both EAB and its partner institutions.

  • GoodData’s data and analytics platform supplies flexible KPI dashboard templates and project-specific insights that EAB’s partners can leverage and optimize across institutions.

Before working with GoodData, building data reports for partner institutions was a slow and laborious process. EAB’s research teams had to consult with each partner institution, identify specific campaigns or metrics to analyze, manually derive insights from complicated Excel spreadsheets, and then finally present the findings in PowerPoint.

Knowing the company could offer more value to partners, Jimmy Chiang, Vice President of Data and Analytics Engineering at EAB, sought to enhance EAB’s analytics capabilities. EAB wanted to provide the data tools and visualization capabilities that colleges and universities needed to better manage their initiatives and gain insights about their work. After exploring several solutions on the market, EAB’s product team selected GoodData as its analytics partner.

“It’s amazing to see how quickly we can create powerful partner dashboards and see results using GoodData.”
Jiaxin Zhang
Jiaxin Zhang Senior Technical Product Manager at EAB
EAB enrolments

Many of EAB’s higher education partners have resource constraints that limit their ability to conduct analytics projects that accurately display relevant insights. As such, it was important for EAB to meet their end users where they are and help them to display data in a consumable way, with the appropriate amount of context. To achieve this, EAB enlisted GoodData’s professional services team to build out new KPI dashboards templates for their partners.

Today, EAB has taken full advantage of GoodData’s new data visualization capabilities and can quickly spin up a customized dashboard to show detailed insights that are tailored to each partner institution’s needs and business processes.

“With GoodData, we’ve enabled higher ed experts and designers to focus more on the substance of reports and the quality of data in those reports than on the technical details of how to create those reports. This allows us to continuously equip our partners with valuable, data-driven insights.”
Emily White
Emily White Director at EAB

In partnership with GoodData, EAB’s education leaders can efficiently track items such as student enrollment, demographics, which classes are being filled and at what rate, and how students are performing. Colleges and universities using EAB’s solutions can also quickly identify resources to encourage student success through data-driven interventions, such as course capacity adjustments, course redesigns, supplemental instruction and tutoring, academic advising, and much more.

Results Results
  • Powered by GoodData, EAB’s analytics offerings are now customized to meet partner institutions’ needs based on their technical capabilities — rather than only providing a static platform across all levels of technical and data expertise.
  • GoodData’s dashboards are easy to build for users with varied technical skills, regardless of coding experience. Because GoodData’s user-friendly dashboards don’t require all EAB engineers to have Python or HTML skills, more junior team members are able to work on dashboard development projects.
  • GoodData’s professional services team continually serves as an extension of EAB’s own product team.

Looking ahead, GoodData will continue to support EAB on a customization journey in helping its partners obtain the business-critical data they need.

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