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Distributing Analytics to Drive Innovation & Grow Revenue

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Distributing Analytics to Drive Innovation & Grow Revenue


Over the last 25 years consumer-driven industries have been investing massive amounts of money in systems, tools and infrastructure to capture data about their operations, their network of partners and sites, their supply chain and customer behavior. But that data is often siloed, not easily accessible by the people who need it, and, in most cases, not used to its fullest potential.

Beyond just capturing data there is an even greater opportunity to create value for your organization. New data solutions are changing the way retailers, hotels and restaurants think about the value of their data - moving beyond using it to reduce operational costs, to an asset that can accelerate the expansion of their locations, improve competitive position, and even create new, highly-profitable offerings.

Join this session to hear GoodData and ServiceChannel discuss:

  • How to identify the analytics that matter to your audience
  • Opportunities to drive new revenue streams in the hospitality & retail industries
  • Packaging strategies to accelerate the adoption and success of your analytics
  • How ServiceChannel uses analytics to empower their field managers, differentiate their services and redefine the value of data in the facilities management industry

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