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CenterEdge Taps GoodData to Help Clients Amid New Challenges

CenterEdge Taps GoodData to Help Clients Amid New Challenges

CenterEdge Taps GoodData to Help Clients Amid New Challenges

CenterEdge Software empowers family entertainment centers (FECs), amusement parks, waterparks, and attractions to manage all aspects of their business from a single, easy-to-use platform. Its solution is trusted by leaders across the entertainment industry in the U.S. and abroad to help their businesses become more efficient and profitable. CenterEdge Software has been in business since 2004 and is based in Roxboro, NC.


The company wanted a new analytics tool that would pull raw data and display it for users in highly visual, meaningful ways. CenterEdge’s goal was to empower its customers with a more accessible platform that would reveal tangible insights and answer specific questions to help streamline business operations and increase profitability.


CenterEdge Software turned to GoodData in 2017 to power its internal analytics and provide a sophisticated, flexible solution for its customers. CenterEdge Business Intelligence, powered by GoodData, gives park owners and general managers intuitive, easy-to-analyze data. Since the pandemic, CenterEdge Business Intelligence has been especially helpful for businesses adapting to new regulations and safety precautions.

CenterEdge Software Helps the Entertainment, Amusement, and FEC Industries Through the Pandemic With GoodData

CenterEdge partnered with GoodData to bring business intelligence (BI) to its global customers in the entertainment, amusement, and family entertainment center (FEC) industries. CenterEdge Business Intelligence, its flexible and intuitive BI platform, has helped businesses navigate challenges associated with COVID-19 and equipped them with the insights necessary to adapt quickly to new and evolving rules and regulations.

CenterEdge has a unique origin story. It began as an entertainment company that saw a need within the industry for a more integrated suite of software –– so it built a platform that could help with everything from point-of-sale to online ticketing, party booking, and targeted marketing. Steve Reilly is a data analyst at CenterEdge Software, where he manages both the company’s internal use of GoodData and CenterEdge Business Intelligence, a cloud-based tool powered by GoodData and designed for CenterEdge customers.

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After nearly a decade at the company and after using another BI tool for a short period of time, Reilly suspected CenterEdge and its valued customers would benefit from a more advanced BI platform. In 2017, he began investigating the market for a new solution that would effortlessly and accurately illuminate key trends and insights for business owners.

According to Reilly, “CenterEdge surveyed competitive offerings, but we were impressed with how easy it was to integrate GoodData into existing applications. He also stated that the onboarding process with GoodData “went off without a hitch” and that “the team collaborated exceptionally well with our internal developers to bring our vision to life.”

With GoodData, the team developed CenterEdge Business Intelligence, which helps park owners and general managers visualize myriad data points including weekly ticket sales, profitability, headcount, employee efficiency, and more.

CenterEdge Dashboard

Setting Customers Up for Success Despite Closures and Lockdowns

In March 2020, many of CenterEdge’s customers were forced to shut down business entirely. Sustained closures threatened customers’ ability to break even, let alone turn a profit, but the CenterEdge team saw an opportunity.

“We really care about our customers at CenterEdge, so to see them suffering through the early days of the pandemic was especially hard,” said Reilly. “But since all in-person attractions were closed, we could more easily connect with the general managers and park owners who are typically strapped with day-to-day responsibilities of running a business. We believed we could utilize this moment in time to help fix their reporting and analytics problems, and luckily, that’s exactly what happened.”

“Our customers were facing situations they’d never dealt with before and making high-stakes decisions every single day. We are proud that, thanks to our partnership with GoodData, we were able to help them with data-driven decision making and equip them in the best way possible.”
Steve Reilly
Steve Reilly Data Analyst at CenterEdge Software

First, CenterEdge ensured all customers had access to and were utilizing their BI tool. According to Reilly, “Our customers were thrilled with how intuitive the platform was and amazed by how granular they could get on certain metrics.”

Historically, CenterEdge Business Intelligence was not included in every customer’s contract –– but after seeing how impactful it could be and knowing how much of a selling point it is for prospects, the company now includes it in all new business proposals.

Key Capabilities of CenterEdge Business Intelligence

  • Illuminates week-to-date sales, head count, and profitability data, and computes week-over-week comparisons for easy visualization
  • For multi-facility operations, CenterEdge Business Intelligence highlights attendance and usage for each facility and its attractions, and identifies areas for optimizing efficiency and determining schedules
  • Provides detailed admission data to help FECs and amusement parks make decisions on when to stay open or offer discounts to promoteattendance

Driving Data-Based Decisions Amidst a Pandemic

During the spring and summer months of 2020, CenterEdge customers endured varying stages of reopening depending on location and newly imposed restrictions to keep their facilities safe and clean in the wake of the coronavirus. CenterEdge Business Intelligence helped park owners and general managers make tough decisions like how to stagger admissions and best prepare facility staff, which attractions to keep open in order to attract enough guests to remain profitable, and how to account for increased costs associated with sanitization and new safety measures.

Center Edge dashboard

Having quick access to precise and accurate BI has helped entertainment owners and general managers identify potential inefficiencies and areas for improvement, as well, which is especially important while foot traffic is temporarily reduced. For multi-attraction facilities, CenterEdge Business Intelligence helps visualize which parts of the business are profitable, or have the potential to be, and should be kept in operation.

“Some of the stories we’ve heard from customers are pretty incredible,” said Reilly. “We are, of course, not out of the woods yet, but many have shared with us how CenterEdge Business Intelligence has helped them better optimize their business to stay afloat during these challenging times. And I believe the skills our customers have learned using BI more regularly will be helpful for future challenges, too.”

Results with GoodData:

  • Customizable, embeddable dashboards have helped CenterEdge react and adapt to market changes amidst COVID-19 restrictions
  • Saw a 35% increase in clients onboarded to CenterEdge Business Intelligence, powered by GoodData

CenterEdge Looking to the Future With GoodData Analytics

In the near term, CenterEdge is focused on continuing to help its customers leverage data through the pandemic. Reilly is looking forward to predictive modeling capabilities, which are on the horizon for GoodData. In the years to come, he believes this will be a market differentiator for customers and imperative for their continued success.

“When you start utilizing predictive analytics, you can help answer questions clients didn’t even know they had,” said Reilly. “And that’s a whole new ballgame –– one we’re eager to begin.”

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