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Motivating Employees to Deliver to Brand Expectations

Motivating Employees to Deliver to Brand Expectations

Motivating Employees to Deliver to Brand Expectations

Brand Integrity helps their clients create, sustain and grow environments where employees are motivated to really live their brand every day—and improve business results by engaging with company values.

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Optimizing Brand Engagement to Improve Business

“Brand integrity is about walking the talk,” explains Doug Bennett, SVP, Technology and Operations. “It’s when your values, culture and reputation are all working together.” Through consulting and software solutions, Brand Integrity builds and grows workplaces where employees feel motivated and committed to act in the best interest of the brand, which leads to a more consistent customer experience and a more productive, profitable organization.

“Clients use our employee recognition and surveys to measure engagement,” Ryann Redmond, Business Development Manager explains. “In doing so, we can show them how consistently their employees are delivering the experiences their customers deserve and expect. This is how we start to solve many of the problems businesses face every day, like aligning disparate departments and locations within large organizations and giving managers more visibility into what’s being delivered day-to-day by their employees.”

Before partnering with GoodData, Brand Integrity used proprietary reports within their platform to measure the success and effectiveness of the programs that drive employee engagement. “When our clients asked us how to better visualize all the incoming data so they could make more informed decisions, we just didn’t have the inhouse reporting expertise,” explains Bennett. So he and his team set out to find an expert analytics partner to provide both a rich BI platform and industry best practices to help their clients better view, slice and dice, and analyze their engagement data to improve decision making.

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Enhanced Analytics Open Up C-Suite Access

After searching the market, Brand Integrity discovered only GoodData provided all they required: industry-leading BI insight expertise, the ability to embed an advanced analytics engine within their own product, and the capability to provide their clients with completely customizable reports. A Powered by GoodData solution equipped Brand Integrity with a quick-to-market, cloud-based solution.

Plus, our resulting partnership enabled Brand Integrity to deliver best-practice recommendations to clients, as well as self-service analytic capabilities and customization—freeing up Brand Integrity personnel from creating all reports to focusing on their core competency.

“GoodData could handle all our Employee Recognition data, Survey data and Customer Assessment data, while also being scalable and extensible. So we know we can easily grow and customize all reporting capabilities and data connectivity as our clients’ needs continue to expand. Plus we love how modern and fresh GoodData reports look.”
Doug Bennett
Doug Bennett Senior Vice President, Technology and Operations, Brand Integrity

As Brand Integrity started working with larger companies, like hospitals with 20,000+ employees and multiple locations, the amount of data being generated multiplied significantly. With GoodData, the growing size and volume of data became a non-issue.

Brand Integrity can now approach larger clients, prepared to meet enterprise expectations while also equipped to offer BI expertise in conversations with C-suite executives. “We can now show prospective clients how our phenomenally improved visibility into brand engagement processes can positively impact and improve their outcomes,” says Bennett. And since they need to set up every solution differently within each client’s infrastructure, based on that client’s unique culture, the flexibility and customization possible with GoodData has become a defining advantage for the brand engagement specialists.


  • 8-week implementation and quick time to market
  • Increased visibility into brand engagement across the enterprise
  • Up level conversation to C- Suite. Sell into enterprise accounts.

Improved Engagement Increases Bank Revenue

When employee engagement data is made visible and can be reviewed graphically in different ways on demand, Brand Integrity clients are able to get to the root of disengagement and discover ways to improve brand culture.

Because GoodData analytics enable them to dig into the data returned from their surveys, many customers are discovering ways to increase the ROI of improved employee engagement.

For instance, one financial institution discovered that as employee engagement was boosted, average loan production increased.

“We can now pull out the top strengths and weaknesses of employee activity by location, department, and more. We are able to take engagement down to the behavioral level, so we can help clients identify which company-wide, non-negotiable behaviors are being done consistently so they can celebrate across the company to promote community, and replicate best practices for living the brand.”
Ryann Redmond
Ryann Redmond Business Development Manager Brand Integrity

The type of metrics being tracked help companies pinpoint where processes can be improved. “A low Engaged IndexTM for example may indicate there are some managerial red flags that could warrant a conversation,” explains Bennett.

“With GoodData built into our solution, clients can dig into those scores. The insights gained help equip them to approach the necessary conversations about which issues have the highest impact; so we can then help them with coaching to increase those scores.”

Employee recognition dashboard

GoodData insight is improving informed decision-making, prompting process changes, and unearthing causes that impact the bottom line for brands everywhere—increasing revenues, aligning managers and departments, creating more engaged employees, improving company culture, and ensuring the right people are in the right jobs—to create more successful work environments that consistently live the brand.

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