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BizzTreat Delivers Data-Driven Transformation With GoodData

BizzTreat Delivers Data-Driven Transformation With GoodData

BizzTreat Delivers Data-Driven Transformation With GoodData

BizzTreat is a Czech data consulting company that manages data integrations and analytics for companies and is developing its own data transformation tool. BizzTreat unifies all data sources to create a single point and displays insights through context-based data visualization to help leaders make more efficient business decisions. BizzTreat has been in business since 2015 and is based in Prague, Czech Republic.


With an initial customer base of small to midsize companies, BizzTreat wanted to provide customers with a cost-effective, easily accessible platform that would empower them to take control of disparate data, visualize the entire data pipeline, and streamline operations to make data-driven decisions. BizzTreat also needed an internal solution to provide data analytics to all employees throughout the fast growing company.


BizzTreat turned to GoodData to power its internal analytics and provide a sophisticated, flexible solution for its customers. GoodData’s growth plan proved to be a “perfect value” for BizzTreat’s customers due to pricing based on workspaces rather than users. BizzTreat also uses GoodData internally to quickly analyze and distribute company data along with providing custom dashboards showing the details of a customer’s contract.

Data Evangelist Turned Strategic Partner

Jiří Tobolka is co-founder and partner at BizzTreat, a Czech team of data analysts that helps companies sort through what they like to call the “data jungle” to deliver one source of truth throughout a business. BizzTreat uses best-in-class technologies to clean, compile, enrich, and automate the applications of a company’s data for highly efficient decision-making.

A bootstrapped company with zero outside funding, BizzTreat started in 2015 as a team of “data detectives” working on enjoyable data projects. The company quickly grew by taking on larger customers with complex analytics needs.

As a former developer evangelist at GoodData with deep knowledge of the platform, Tobolka planned to use GoodData within the BizzTreat stack from the very beginning. The company began working with, selling, and perfecting its use of GoodData in 2015 as its internal analytics engine.

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BizzTreat Leverages GoodData to Deliver BI-Powered Business Efficiency to Customers

As BizzTreat grew, Tobolka and his team noticed that many companies struggled to accurately distribute and present data when forecasting sales or developing strategic initiatives. Knowing firsthand the benefits that GoodData delivers in these situations, BizzTreat wanted to offer GoodData’s platform to customers for data visualization and distribution. To accomplish this, BizzTreat became a strategic partner and then took advantage of GoodData’s Growth plan to make pricing and implementation timelines even more reasonable for customers.

“In addition to buying GoodData as a data visualization tool, a trend I’ve seen interest in over the last few months is companies using it as a data distribution platform. Business leaders are realizing that they want to offer data dashboards for their partners, and that is a sweet spot for GoodData. I don’t think there is any other competitor that is equal to GoodData in this space.”
Jiří Tobolka
Jiří Tobolka Co-founder and Partner at BizzTreat

BizzTreat in Action: Streamlining Sales Decision Cycles

As a new strategic partner, BizzTreat was able to leverage GoodData’s platform to help Czech textile supplier MALFINI. After two years of unsuccessful attempts implementing business intelligence solutions, they reached out to BizzTreat for help. MALFINI was experiencing slow and inaccurate Excel reporting across departments due to disparate and siloed data sources. As a result, managers would often show up in meetings with at least five different reports and were unable to control the fulfillment of monthly goals on a consistent basis.

BizzTreat immediately got to work, building an agile BI solution specifically for the sales department in one month. GoodData’s platform played a critical role in this transformation by creating the right context needed to make data-driven decisions. After five months of heavy reliance on BizzTreat’s solution powered by GoodData, MALFINI was finally able to deliver a single source of truth throughout the entire organization and align sales performance numbers.

The company now views the GoodData dashboards as a mission-critical resource and frequently uses them in sales meetings to speed up decision cycles.

Results With GoodData:

  • Boosted profits and accelerated growth to more than 50% year over year
  • More than 30% of BizzTreat’s customers use the platform for data distribution with everyday users and partners
  • Currently developing Bizzflow, a cloud-based data transformation tool that complements GoodData Cloud Native (GoodData.CN)

Empowering a Cloud-First Evolution of Data Infrastructure

As more companies become aware of the value of data and dig deeper to glean actionable insights, BizzTreat’s partnership with GoodData has uniquely positioned the company to continue increasing its market share in the Czech Republic. The company has been able to not only increase the size and number of customers brought on board each year but has also increased the value of each customer relationship. As of 2021, over 30% of BizzTreat’s customers are currently using GoodData, with a majority of them having multiple active data projects.

In the near term, BizzTreat is focused on helping its customers within the entire data delivery process. The company recently released the latest version of its own data integration and transformation tool called Bizzflow. A complementary tool to GoodData.CN, Bizzflow is a lightweight concept that leverages existing cloud infrastructure features with Airflow as an orchestration engine. Using Bizzflow, BizzTreat can quickly spin up a cloud environment for a customer and deploy both the data pipeline and GoodData’s data analytics and visualization platform in one place. By having everything located within the customer’s cloud infrastructure, BizzTreat is able to offer customers a significant competitive advantage.


As BizzTreat grows, GoodData scales with it. Acting as the “chief happiness officer,” “data detective,” and partner, Tobolka uses GoodData to gain actionable insights into every part of his business and his customers’ projects. Much like GoodData, BizzTreat believes that cloud-based data infrastructure can unlock data-driven decision making and revenue growth at scale.

About GoodData

GoodData powers modern BI for the modern data stack. GoodData’s composable data and analytics platform provides a single source of truth across organizations and to their customers. To this day, GoodData has helped more than 140,000 of the world’s top businesses deliver on their analytics goals and scale their data use cases — from self-service and embeddable analytics, to machine learning and IoT. GoodData has teams in the U.S., Europe, and Asia, with customers including leading software companies (SaaS), global financial and payment institutions, and multi-brand e-commerce platforms.

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