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Best practices for embedding analytics

Best practices for embedding analytics

Best practices for embedding analytics

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Embedded analytics comprise analytical tools that are integrated directly into your software product, SaaS application, or web portal. Customized based on your needs, an embedded analytics solution offers a seamless experience for internal and external users without any interruption in experience or branding.

In this 30-minute webinar, our GoodData expert shared tried-and-true best practices for embedding analytics, including:

  • How to address and answer the age-old question of build vs. buy;
  • What are the different types of embedded analytics, including no code, custom code, and white labeling;
  • Why scalability is a competitive advantage that impacts not only data accessibility, but also profitability;
  • How to enable non-technical users to create their own reports and dashboards with self-service tools; and more.

Meet the presenter:

Anja Duricic, Product Marketing Specialist

Anja Duricic started her career at GoodData as a Sales Development Representative, positioning emerging companies for success with data analytics. She more recently joined GoodData’s product marketing team and delivers resources that help users get to the data that they need.

If you'd like to read the Q&A portion of the webinar, click here.

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