Behind the Scenes: How to Develop a Data Product


Have you ever wondered how to build a data product end-to-end or how to bring embedded analytics into your application? Watch our GoodData experts for a two part technical overview of how you can build data products that empower your customers and users with meaningful insights and self-service analytics!

Watch the Part 1 of this 2-part technical webinar to learn how you can easily:

Part 1
  • Create the Logical Data Model
  • Produce Metrics, Insights and KPI Dashboards
  • Load your data
Part 2
  • Distribute your GoodData Analytics
  • Integrate your GoodData Analytics into your Application

Meet the presenters:

Sheila Jung, Sr. Manager, PMM 

Sheila Jung began her career with GoodData as a Solutions Architect in the Professional Services team. She is currently a senior manager in product enablement, leading a team of customer engineers and developer advocates. During her time with GoodData, she has led numerous GoodData implementations and enabled end users on how to create world class data products with GoodData.

Jiri Zajic, Sr. Developer Advocate 

Jiri Zajic started with GoodData five years ago as a UI Developer in our Brno office where he developed new features for GoodData’s front-end. Currently, he is a Senior Developer Advocate located in San Francisco where he empowers the GoodData community with leveraging the GoodData platform for GD.UI app development.

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