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Analytics: to Build, Buy, or Do Both?

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Analytics: to Build, Buy, or Do Both?

Presented by

Anja Duricic
Product Marketing Manager

Time and date


30 minutes


Is it better to build or buy analytics? Deciding to implement a data analytics solution will inherently bring about this age-old question. But what if you didn’t have to choose one or the other?

In this webinar, GoodData experts discuss the pros and cons that comprise building or buying a data analytics solution. We also introduce how to approach this dilemma in the context of modern-day analytics: a combination of build and buy.

Meet the Presenters:

Anja Duricic, Product Marketing Manager

Anja Duricic started her career at GoodData as a Sales Development Representative, positioning emerging companies for success with data analytics. She more recently joined GoodData’s product marketing team and delivers resources that help users get to the data that they need.

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