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3 Steps From Static Dashboards to Intelligent Insights

3 Steps From Static Dashboards to Intelligent Insights

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When it comes to using data to transform your business, static dashboards just aren’t enough. They aren’t action-oriented and they lack “stickiness.” And because they often aren’t relevant to day-to-day business activities, old-fashioned dashboards easy to ignore.

It’s time for a new approach — smart analytics. These applications leverage advances in big data, machine learning, mobile technologies, and graphic interface design to help users approach decisions with greater accuracy, effectiveness, and timeliness.

What’s in the report

  • The keys of selecting a technology platform to support an insights-driven model
  • How to align your business model with your insights engine to ensure maximum efficiency
  • How ensure your users engage with these systems to ensure maximum impact

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“Despite their promise, few dashboards have transformed organizations and delivered the sustained productivity gains and profits that business leaders envisioned.”

The Eckerson Group, From Static Dashboards to Smart Analytics: Automating Decisions and Recommendations

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