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GoodData Announces its Open Analytics Platform to Power Tomorrow's All Data Enterprises


New Cloud-Based Data Discovery and Governance Solution Supports Every Stage of Advanced Analytics, Data Integration and Big Data Management

SAN FRANCISCO – March 5, 2014 – Today GoodData, the leader in cloud business intelligence, announced the GoodData Open Analytics Platform, a complete data governance and discovery platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that manages every aspect of modern business intelligence, from big data management to visual analysis. GoodData's platform consolidates all structured and unstructured data from every possible source – internal systems, cloud applications, social environments and public databases – providing organizations an analytic and competitive edge.

Traditional or earlier-generation business intelligence approaches are often not flexible or agile enough to react and adapt quickly to constantly changing information requirements, according to a Forrester Research report by Boris Evelson, VP, Principal Analyst at the independent research firm. Enterprises today need agile business intelligence technologies and applications that are unified, pervasive, limitless and automated, especially in the realm of untamed customer-facing processes like customer onboarding, customer service, and marketing campaign management.[1]

Unlike piecemeal or point business intelligence solutions, GoodData's cloud-based Open Analytics Platform handles the entire lifecycle of data and analytics. This enables IT to retain oversight and security while delivering advanced visualization and data discovery capabilities to help business users extract valuable insight in real-time.

"Advanced analytics are the biggest advantage companies have in today's market, but most use just 10 percent of the data available to them," said GoodData CEO and founder Roman Stanek. "To get a true competitive advantage from analytics, businesses need to use all the data available to them and become the all data enterprises. Tomorrow's winners will be those businesses who figure out how to view previously disconnected data as a cohesive whole and get crucial insights to drive better decision making. GoodData powers the all data enterprises, from end-to-end."

"As a technology-powered real estate brokerage, being able to store, manage and analyze all our data in real-time enables us to continuously improve the customer experience," said Adam Wiener, SVP, Marketing, Analytics and New Business, at Redfin. "GoodData's platform gives us the agility we need to quickly turn insights into action, while keeping costs and IT complexity down."

The Open Analytics Platform's functionality includes:

  • Collect: Access data from both on-premise and cloud sources. The platform includes connectors and metadata maps for nearly 50 cloud-based sources as well as traditional and big data systems found within an organization's firewall.
  • Store: Maintain oversight and data governance. The platform features a dual-stage Data Storage Service (DSS) that stores raw data in a Hadoop-based system as well as a highly-scalable, clustered columnar warehouse for enriched, analysis-ready data.
  • Combine: Integrate and aggregate multiple sources. Data integration, workflow and aggregation occurs as logical data models are designed and subject-matter specific cubes are generated.
  • Analyze: Built-in statistics and analytics. The platform includes statistical functions and the ability to run analytic functions written in R.
  • Visualize: Discovery-based solutions for users of all skills. GoodData adds visual analytic explorers to ad-hoc, custom and pre-built dashboard templates.

GoodData's Open Analytics Platform drives down costs through its modern PaaS model. The GoodData Open Analytics Platform is:

  • Only Possible in the Cloud: The multi-tenant, multi-layered architecture scales independently for each customer at each layer of the architecture which spans hundreds of servers, tens of terabytes of RAM and real-time in-memory analytics in GoodData's private cloud.
  • Open and Extensible: Add data sources or ETL from third party tools and APIs, define and execute custom data workflows, create predictions by running R routines, and even share data with popular data discovery tools from other vendors.
  • Used by a Large Ecosystem: GoodData's list of customers and partners includes leading companies like Bonobos, Redfin, Zendesk, Target, Switchfly, Keboola, Saama and more.

About GoodData

GoodData is the leading cloud-based data and analytics platform, bringing AI-fueled data-driven decision-making to organizations across the globe. With a platform that leverages the potential of automation and AI, GoodData empowers its customers to make data analytics available to every single end user via real-time, self-service data insights right at the point of work. Over 140,000 of the world’s top businesses and 3.2 million users rely on GoodData in order to drive meaningful change and achieve more through data.

GoodData is headquartered in San Francisco and is backed by Andreessen Horowitz, General Catalyst Partners, Intel Capital, TOTVS, and others. For more information, visit GoodData's website, and follow GoodData on LinkedIn, YouTube, Medium and Twitter.

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