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JUST Capital and GoodData Announce Partnership to Create a Big Data Platform that Supports Corporate Engagement and Their Investor Related Products


GoodData powers JUST Capital’s insights platform to measure JUSTness of companies

San Francisco - December 7, 2016 – JUST Capital partners with GoodData® to create the foundation and single source of truth to identify JUST companies. With multiple disparate data sources and the need to manage complex data transformation, JUST Capital chose GoodData over other data and analytics platforms due to its flexibility, robust platform and expertise in building data products.

A major requirement for JUST Capital was flexibility in changing how data is extracted, transformed and loaded (ETL). GoodData’s powerful ETL and platform capabilities allow JUST Capital the ability to easily adjust and add reporting fields as well as change complex transformations as needed.

“After looking at several other platforms, it became obvious that GoodData’s powerful back end capabilities, in combination with user ease in creating and orchestrating ETL processes was the solution that would help launch JUST Capital,” shares Sean Calvillo, who leads finance, operations and technology at JUST Capital. “We are the most authoritative source in showing how corporations rank on the values people in the U.S. care about, so we had to partner with a vendor that was beyond repute.”

Additionally, the GoodData services product team was instrumental in helping conceptualize and define the KPIs required to prove to the public that the companies listed in the JUST rankings are relevant and accurate. With their added expertise, the two companies were able to partner to determine the insights needed to not only measure, but more importantly, improve corporate JUSTness.

“It was rewarding to work with JUST Capital in defining the technical and business requirements to make their vision a reality,” says Sumeet Howe, director of data products & strategy at GoodData. “This is where our team really shines; by taking on the sometimes overwhelming role of expert in defining and building out those client requirements.”

About JUST Capital
The JUST Capital Foundation (justcapital.com) is an independent nonprofit 501(c)(3), founded in 2013, that is establishing the definitive source of information and rankings on how large publicly traded corporations measure up against the American people’s definition of JUST business behavior. The organization’s mission is to leverage the power of the markets to drive positive change on the issues Americans care most about. Chaired and co-founded by Paul Tudor Jones II, and led by a staff with a breadth of finance, social sector, and technology experience, the Foundation’s board includes Ray Chambers, Jeff Walker, Marc Morial, Ann Veneman, Dan Hesse, Deepak Chopra, and Arianna Huffington, amongst others.

About GoodData

GoodData is on a mission to break data silos. Flexible, open, secure, and scalable, GoodData’s leading data and analytics platform provides standardized metrics and real-time analytics across organizations and to their customers. To this day, GoodData has helped more than 140,000 of the world’s top businesses deliver on their analytics goals and scale their use cases — from self-service and embeddable analytics to machine learning and IoT.

GoodData is headquartered in San Francisco and is backed by Andreessen Horowitz, General Catalyst Partners, Intel Capital, TOTVS, and others. For more information, visit GoodData's website, and follow GoodData on LinkedIn, YouTube, Medium and Twitter.

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