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GoodData and Vertica Partner to Accelerate Cloud-Native Self-Service Analytics Adoption in the Enterprise


New partnership gives enterprises the ability to leverage GoodData’s leading Data as a Service offering and Vertica’s state-of-the-art unified analytics platform.

San Francisco — July 15, 2021 — GoodData, the leader in Data as a Service (DaaS) analytics infrastructure, today announced a strategic partnership with unified analytics platform provider Vertica. In a newly integrated product offering, GoodData’s Cloud Native (GoodData.CN) analytics platform will connect directly to Vertica’s data warehouse to provide a powerful and scalable solution designed to accelerate the use and application of analytics throughout entire organizations. The partnership is poised to accelerate the adoption of modern Data as a Service in the enterprise and improve business decision-making via real-time analytics.

Amidst the rise of new, cloud-native technologies, large organizations with enterprise-grade data needs face complex challenges when attempting to adopt and implement analytics within their existing architecture. The GoodData and Vertica offering simplifies this process and provides the best way to deploy cloud-native, self-service analytics with GoodData on top of the Vertica data warehouse within minutes. The offering includes:

  • Vertica unified analytics platform: Vertica’s high-performance, massively scalable data warehouse with advanced analytics and machine learning addresses the most demanding analytical use cases.
  • Agile, continuous analytics delivery: All elements of your analytics can be versioned, merged, automatically tested, and rolled out to production. Designed for DataOPS everyday needs.
  • Self-service analytics tools: Easy-to-use analytics tools and visuals, such as dashboards and insights, managed by non-technical users.
  • GoodData.UI: Powerful SDK for the creation of data-driven applications. Works with modern front-end frameworks, such as Angular, React, and Vue, as well as pure JavaScript.
  • Built-in multi-tenancy: Secure analytics for enterprises’ internal teams and external business partners.

The recently released GoodData.CN is a scalable, cloud-based platform that brings analytics into the modern era. GoodData’s vision for Data as a Service is to replace underutilized, disparate, and expensive desktop BI tools with a unified and governed source of metrics and insights. With GoodData.CN, enterprises can provide trusted, scalable, real-time data to everyone within an organization — and their customers.

Vertica powers the most data-driven, industry-leading companies in the world — ranging from telecommunications to financial services to technology and others — by providing customers with predictive business insights uncovered from petabytes of data in just milliseconds. The company’s unified analytics platform, based on a massively scalable architecture, unlocks the inherent value of data as a strategic asset through machine learning and support for hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure.

“We are very excited about the powerful combination of GoodData.CN and Vertica’s data warehouse,” said GoodData CEO and Founder Roman Stanek. “For data leaders to meet the challenges of today’s hyper-competitive market, they must do more than modernize their data infrastructure; they have to reinvent the way they think about how they utilize data at every layer of their organization. This partnership makes it easy for even the most complex enterprises to adopt and scale modern analytics throughout their company.”

“Nearly every organization is embarking on an enterprise-wide transformation journey to the clouds,” said Colin Mahony, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Vertica, Micro Focus. “We’re partnering with GoodData to provide a state-of-the-art analytics stack, combining the power of our scalable, cloud-optimized architecture and advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities with GoodData.CN’s Data as a Service platform. Enterprise decision-makers across industries can now unlock data-driven decision-making in minutes and deliver analytics applications to both internal and external stakeholders alike.”

To learn more about the GoodData & Vertica offering for self-service, scalable analytics, visit our website.

About Vertica

The core analytical platform within the Micro Focus software portfolio, Vertica is the Unified Analytics Platform, based on a massively scalable architecture with the broadest set of analytical capabilities and end-to-end in-database machine learning. Vertica enables many customers — from Philips to The Trade Desk to MassMutual to many others — to easily apply these powerful functions to the largest and most demanding analytical workloads, arming businesses and its customers with predictive business insights faster than any data warehouse in the market. Vertica provides its Unified Analytics Platform across all major public clouds and on-premises data centers and integrates data in cloud object storage. For more information about Vertica, please visit www.vertica.com. To learn more about Vertica on Twitter, please follow @VerticaUnified and join Vertica on LinkedIn and Facebook.

If you are interested in GoodData.CN, please contact us. Alternatively, sign up for a trial version of GoodData Cloud: https://www.gooddata.com/trial/

About GoodData

GoodData is the leading cloud-based data and analytics platform, bringing AI-fueled data-driven decision-making to organizations across the globe. With a platform that leverages the potential of automation and AI, GoodData empowers its customers to make data analytics available to every single end user via real-time, self-service data insights right at the point of work. Over 140,000 of the world’s top businesses and 3.2 million users rely on GoodData in order to drive meaningful change and achieve more through data.

GoodData is headquartered in San Francisco and is backed by Andreessen Horowitz, General Catalyst Partners, Intel Capital, TOTVS, and others. For more information, visit GoodData's website, and follow GoodData on LinkedIn, YouTube, Medium and Twitter.

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