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“Underwriters often spend 50% or more time gathering information”

*IBM, “Reinventing Risk Management”


Insurance underwriting involves making decisions that are high-impact yet complex in nature. The majority of the time, however, underwriters are too busy trying to search, access, aggregate and understand information to gain real insights that can assist with decision-making. Underwriters are spending more time in administration than in making better risk and profitable decisions for the organization..

For insurers to become agile, profitable and capture market share, they need to help their underwriters reduce administrative burden and focus on high-value tasks like risk assessment and profitable pricing. The future Underwriter “will be an integrated profit-and-loss professional assisted by automated and analytics-based decision-making system” (Gary Plotkin, KPMG’s Insurance Principal). GoodData enables this transformation.


GoodData Solution

The GoodData Underwriting Insights is a solution developed on GoodData's Enterprise Insights PaaS. It is unique and offers several compelling benefits.

Bring Data Together

Aggregates data from multiple sources into a single repository for faster access and deployment flexibility

Integrate into Workflows

Sits on top of multiple existing workflow systems and presents a unified analytics experience

Deploy your own Models

Deploys advanced analytics models within the platform to deliver predictive insights across the decision flow

Highly Customizable

Provides customizable user experiences, flows, analytical models, visualizations & data sources allowing for a solution that meets your unique needs

Key features

Submission Insights

Helps an underwriting manager understand the submission queue, prioritize based on key information and metrics for each submission and then assign it to the best person to drive the best business outcome.

My Book of Business

Provides a single pane of glass for each underwriter to help them understand how they are performing, where they need to go, and the mix of their business and pipeline. Transparency and insights drive the right behavior and prioritization.

Risk Insights

Understanding and accounting for risk is a key underwriting function and a determinant of pricing and profitability. GoodData connects to data from multiple sources (internal & external) helping underwriters comprehend all dimensions of risk associated with a submission.

Decision Guidance

GoodData brings all key factors for decision-making into a single place giving underwriters unprecedented view and understanding of submission risk. The result is better alignment of risk and pricing resulting in higher profitability within underwriting operations.

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