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A workspace consists of everything a user group needs to distill data into insights: data, the users with access, data model, metrics, calculations, and dashboards.

The workspace is defined by data privacy requirements and a user group's needs. What that means is that users from one workspace can't access data, dashboards, and insights from another workspace—unless you give them the right to do so. They also can view only the metrics, dashboards, and insights relevant to them, and no others. How you define your workspaces depends only on the needs of your organization.

For example, if you are a retailer, then it might be useful for you to create a workspace for each business partner or brand whose products you sell.

Most importantly, the structure of workspaces benefits you in two ways:

  • It enables you to easily scale, distribute, and manage data, dashboards, and insights between different types of end users.
  • You’re charged for a number of workspaces instead of a number of users. You can have as many as users you want without additional costs.

Workspaces represent a unique development structure, like no other, built and optimized by GoodData to facilitate efficient analytics scaling to organizations of any size.

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Each workspace has the computing capability equivalent to computing up to 240,000 reports OR loads up to 300 GB per month by default (based on average size reports). You should therefore consider how many reports OR GB of data use throughout the month to the best advantage of end users.

Please note that these values (240,000 reports, 300 GB) are calculated on computing units (one computing unit equals 20,000 reports or 25 GB) while strictly following our technical blueprint and best practices. GoodData isn’t responsible for the misconduct of the workspace’s engineers and users, nor data mishandling that might lead to lower performance.

If you own workspaces with extensive demands, performance can be leveled up by adding more computing units to your workspaces for an additional cost.

First, we will send you a confirmation email to let you know that we have received your request.

Within 48 hours, our team will come back to you to discuss the details and answer any questions about the GoodData analytics platform and the Growth plan before reviewing the contract.

Once you are in touch with our team directly, you can inform us of any additional needs you might have when it comes to whitelabeling (branding), data warehousing, single sign-on, extra data power, and so on.

The pricing is based on annual billing plans; however, please talk to our experts for more information if an exception is needed.

Our contracts are annual and are therefore pre-paid for 12 months.