Sam Boonin

From the day we introduced it, it became the #1 reason our customers upgrade,” Sam Boonin explains. “We have better analytics than almost all of our competitors and a lot of that comes through our partnership with GoodData.

Sam Boonin Vice President of Products

At a glance

Customer since


Use case

Advanced Analytics for Customer Service

Favorite metric

Number of organizations that have upgraded

Best feature

Seamless integration to distribute analytics to customers


  • Seamlessly integrated actionable insights
  • #1 reason customer upgrade
  • 80% of Plus and Enterprise customers use daily

Customer story

40,000+ companies around the world use Zendesk to engage with their customers and provide a beautifully simple customer service experience. In 2011, Zendesk realized that delivering advanced analytics with their Zendesk reporting could be a game changer for their trial-to-pay business model.

Learn how Zendesk:

  • Built advanced analytics seamlessly into Zendesk’s UI in 90 days
  • Their partnership with GoodData is the number one reason customers upgrade
  • Over 80% of their Plus and Enterprise customers use GoodData daily

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