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Data analytics to enhance decision making, revenue, efficiency

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Can handle high volumes of data and is positioned for future growth

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GoodData’s ability to connect to multiple data sources and bring them into one place. And to do so automatically so media companies, many of whom went without the insights before, now get them and can act upon them.


  • Customers immediately find ways to boost revenue

What They're Saying

This product will be iterated over dozens and dozens of times, to better serve the needs of our customers.

Joe Hansen TownNews Senior Product Manager

Customer story

Our customers in the publishing, broadcast, and web-native spaces have so much data—often more than they're even aware of—that 'analysis paralysis' can set in. What we're doing with Data Insights is pulling data from a variety of different silos, and presenting it in a way that makes it understandable and actionable.

Brad Ward

CEO, TownNews

TownNews is a leading provider of content management systems and platforms for U.S. media organizations. Most of its customers, mid-sized to smaller community-based outlets, lacked deep insight into their content assets. Working with GoodData, it deployed “Data Insights” to provide its customers with robust new tools for gathering, understanding, and acting upon the data that impacts their businesses.

Learn how TownNews:

  • Enables media companies to draw connections between core business products—videos, articles, and other content—and revenue that's generated from those products.
  • Turns data insights about content into more informed decisions regarding content, advertising rates, and even staffing.
  • Drills into specifics, and figures out what content plays best with each audience.
  • Helps media companies better track trends to understand how strategic initiatives impact key performance indicators like advertising and subscription revenue.

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