Michael Jordan

We are empowering our customers with GoodData’s tactical, operational, and strategic insight to change how the industry as a whole makes decisions.

Michael Jordan Technical Project Manager

At a glance

Customer since


Use case

Facilities Management

Favorite metric

Transactional history; Contractor Scorecard

Best feature

Prescriptive analytics; Custom insights for each client


  • 1218% ROI as determined by analyst firm Nucleus Research
  • 90 days to market
  • Tactical, operational, strategic reports for more than 100,000 locations in 63 countries
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Greater visibility and transparency into repair and maintenance
  • Reduced costs and compliance risk

Customer story

ServiceChannel is an online marketplace and SaaS platform for facilities managers, contractors, and technicians. ServiceChannel chose to strategically partner with GoodData to provide advanced analytics that would deliver insights at the point of work and accelerate—and ultimately automate—decision making through machine learning. As a Nucleus Research ROI winner, learn how they realized a 1218% ROI.

Learn how ServiceChannel:

  • Realized a 1218% ROI according to Nucleus Research
  • Automated decision making through machine learning
  • Embedded advanced analytics within its platform in less than 90 days

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