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Sarita Parikh

With fast access to actionable insight, states can now quickly optimize GED success rates to help improve higher-paying job prospects for millions of US citizens.

Sarita Parikh Director of Technology and Operations

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  • Near real-time access to operational data
  • Report generation increased from once a year to on-demand
  • IT focuses on customer needs and analysis vs. maintaining a data center

Customer story

GED Testing Service is a joint venture between the American Council on Education and Pearson. Partnering with GoodData allows GED Testing to avoid the overhead of building a custom data warehouse and equip employees with analytics they need without burdening the IT department.

Learn how GED Testing:

  • Went from once a year ‘reporting’ to on-demand insights
  • Freed up IT resources to focus on customer and strategic requirements
  • Provided near real-time access to operational data

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