James Thomas

The best decision we ever made was not building our own business intelligence layer.

James Thomas CMO

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Embedded Analytics for Marketing Performance Management

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How much spend and how much is left

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Providing a full view of marketing operations and performance changes the game for our customers.

James Thomas CMO

Customer story

Allocadia replaces marketing budget spreadsheets with a cloud-based solution that connects with financial, workflow, and other third-party systems. On any given day, customers can see how much of their marketing budget has been spent and how much is unused compared to what they still have planned. “This comparison is key,” notes Thomas, “since coming in under budget can almost be worse than going over.” Customers can also look at their actual returns on those investments compared to their forecasted returns. As part of their offering, Allocadia includes a full set of marketing performance dashboards for the entire spectrum of users within their global marketing organizations from field marketing, to marketing operations and the CMO.

Allocadia has been a GoodData partner since 2012, when the team decided to replace their existing analytics solution with one that offered their customers the best reporting possible through better visualizations and improved usability.