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Top Alternatives To Chartio: 6 Reasons Why GoodData

Written by Lauri Hänninen  | 

Top Alternatives To Chartio: 6 Reasons Why GoodData

A good friend is hard to find, hard to lose, and hard to forget

Earlier this year, Chartio announced that they have joined forces with Atlassian, and we wish them all the best for their new adventures ahead. But, of course, a big announcement like this also means big changes and uncertain times for those who are using Chartio in their current data stack. Losing a good old friend is never easy.

If you are in the middle of filling the emptiness this acquisition has left in you and your analytic stack, the silver lining is that the sunset date of March 1, 2022, still gives you time to weigh your options and find the perfect alternative for your analytical needs.


6 reasons to partner with GoodData

We at GoodData want to help you to continue honoring Chartio’s mission to democratize your data so that everyone has the freedom to explore, transform, and visualize it. To achieve this, you need to give your users, customers, and partners an analytics platform that provides you with the flexibility to build and scale any of your data use cases — from self-service and embeddable analytics to machine learning and IoT.

How can partnering with GoodData help you accomplish this and move you beyond traditional analytics? Let’s look at six reasons why the GoodData platform ensures that you achieve a pervasive data culture that enables all your internal and external end users to make better decisions across your entire business network.

1. Powerful analytics engine

Our query language replaces complex SQL queries with easy-to-use, modular, and reusable metrics that your users understand at first sight. With GoodData, metric definitions can be reused in new reports and adapted to different data filters and dimensions.

Spend less time on refactoring. Less query code means fewer code changes — and fewer broken queries. GoodData makes it easy to write and maintain your data models.

2. Flexible embedding in products and workflows

GoodData is an open, modular, and flexible platform that seamlessly integrates with your software product and infrastructure — including embeds, customization, and branding of reports, ad-hoc query tools, and dashboard building tools.

Embed features as React, Angular, or Vue components, or, alternatively, as iFrames. GoodData supports standard single sign-on APIs, enabling your users to share authentication and authorization with their peers. Customers can share insights quickly and securely, directly from your application.

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3. Self-service for users; less work for engineers

Allow your users to build their own reports and customizations using simple drag-and-drop features and the dashboard builder. Your business managers can easily change visualization type, use additional filters, slice by different dimensions, or create a completely new dashboard — all with data that is easy to understand and organized by a logical data model.

Users can quickly create the data visualizations they need and can load additional data via CSV files — without support from data analysts and engineers.

4. Automated multi‑tenant analytics

Scale a comprehensive analytics solution — quickly and securely — to thousands of customers, companies, internal teams, and users.

Each of your customers is assigned a private GoodData workspace, containing a data model, dashboards, and reports. Workspaces are completely independent of each other, so customers will never have access to another company’s data. Separate workspaces can also be designed for different departments and user groups. As the technical owner, you can easily control which users are able to access which workspace.

5. Streamlined multi‑tenant change management

Efficiently manage updates across different versions, customers, companies, or teams. A logical data model (LDM) is key to successful change management. The LDM describes data structure and defines relationships between different data entities.

GoodData’s model is unique in that it allows you to add facts (number values), split dimensions (text values), or change relationships from one central place, without rewriting one-off queries or correcting joins. The LDM enables you to change the underlying physical data or the structure of the source data without impacting any of the reports that your users create.

6. Predictable pricing model

Our fixed price-per-workspace model — not charged per user or query — allows you to encourage as many end users as possible to use your analytics solution without your customers, or you, worrying about the costs. Pricing can be easily calculated by the number of workspaces, the need for additional data storage, and specific feature add-ons, as required.

This optimized pricing model enables you to easily forecast revenue as well as profit margins, in both the short and longer term. Importantly, bringing on a new customer (organization) in a b2b scenario, won’t have a negative impact on your profit margin.

But is GoodData the right partner for you?

There are many potential analytics platforms available, and choosing the right partner can be hard and time-consuming. But it gets easier when you know which features, characteristics, and requirements are essential for you and your success. And GoodData is an excellent solution for you if your success requires:

  • Self-service analytics that is easy to build and ready to share.
  • Embeddable, interactive insights for every product in a developer-friendly way.
  • Scale analytics without compromising performance and distribute updates seamlessly.
  • Flexible data connection and transformation with advanced data modeling and semantics that ensure integrity for every insight.
  • Secure at every level, from multitenant architecture to regulatory compliance.
  • Deployment freedom — anywhere, with any data, and to any cloud —  from fully hosted to on-premises (cloud-native) options.

We understand that saying goodbye to an old friend is a difficult task. Sometimes even an impossible one. But maybe one day, when we’re already old and gray, we’ll find ourselves in rocking chairs thinking back on all the successful analytic use cases we’ve experienced together over the years — as partners.


Don't just take our word for it — try it yourself

Start our free trial and test-run GoodData’s key features, before adding 1000s of gigabytes of data, custom reports, and your company branding. Or request a demo and, together, let’s walk through why a partnership with GoodData is the top alternative to Chartio.

Why not try our 30-day free trial?

Fully managed, API-first analytics platform. Get instant access — no installation or credit card required.

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Written by Lauri Hänninen  | 

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