Introducing the GoodWire Wireframing Library

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Introducing the GoodWire Wireframing Library

Building a dashboard without a proper plan is a tried and tested recipe for a failed project. Before diving deep into the data, you need an idea about the dashboard's design. What will it look like? And more importantly, how will it meet the diverse needs of various users and support their use cases?

Projects typically involve multiple roles with different specializations—technical, business, and design experts—all speaking their own languages, whether through technical diagrams, textual descriptions, or high-fidelity mockups. Despite these challenges, it's essential to move swiftly and iterate rapidly.

Wireframes: The Ultimate Communication Tool

Wireframes offer an ideal solution. They bridge communication gaps between all project roles, being universally understandable and easily adjustable. Quick to create, update, iterate, or even scrap and restart, wireframes are not the final product but a collaborative tool to reach consensus on a dashboard design.

Wireframes also strike the perfect balance between simplicity and detail. They provide enough information to outline the structure and functionality without overwhelming the team with unnecessary specifics. This lets you focus on crafting a robust information architecture and highlighting the most crucial data points, ensuring that the final design effectively meets users' needs.

Want to see it in action? Check out the interactive dashboard prototype built in Figma using the GoodWire library and see for yourself.

Introducing GoodWire wireframing library

The GoodWire wireframing library is designed for maximum efficiency. It offers a comprehensive suite of UI components and chart types tailored for swift prototyping of data analytics applications on the GoodData platform. Featuring all essential elements of GoodData's UI and a vast array of 21 chart types in over 400 variants, this library equips you with everything needed to quickly prototype and iterate on dashboard designs, ensuring a seamless and productive workflow.

Built to facilitate discussion and rapid iteration, GoodWire allows your team to focus on creating a robust information architecture and clear presentation of key data points. Over the past several years, I've developed and refined this library through dozens of customer projects, ensuring its robustness and reliability in real-world applications.

Get started with the GoodWire library in three simple steps:

  1. Download the file from the Figma Community
  2. Connect it as a library
  3. Start designing your dashboards
Tease of the possible visualizations

Take action today. Empower your design process with GoodWire and transform your data into insightful, actionable visualizations. Build dashboards in minutes and revise them in seconds.

Getting real

Ready for the obvious next step? Bring your vision to reality with the GoodData platform! Give it a try with GoodData's free trial! All you need is your wireframe and some data—even a CSV will do. It’s that simple.

Written by Václav Kocián  | 


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