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5 Questions About Our First Customer Advisory Board

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5 Questions About Our First Customer Advisory Board

This week, 15 business and tech executives will converge on San Francisco to discuss all things GoodData. Since this is our first Customer Advisory Board (CAB), I decided to ask Amy Duryea, our Customer Relationship Manager, a few questions about the event.

Celeste: So Amy, give us the basics. What, when, and where is CAB?

Amy: Our CAB will be next Thursday, November 6 in our hometown of San Francisco. We will be engaging in in-depth, interactive discussions on a number of topics, including: customer needs, corporate strategy, product roadmap, and communication strategies

C: If you’re focusing on “customer needs,” will any “advising” happen? Is this just a customer Q&A?

A: This is far more than a customer conference or Q&A. Our customers will be advising corporate strategy in a hands-on way, which will allow to to reconnect to our core value of customer obsession. We’re going to do a deep-dive into GoodData goals and plans, to make sure we’re fully aligned with our customer-advisors.

C: Which of GoodData’s customers are coming? Will any partners be in attendance?

A: We have executives attending from Comcast, Walgreens, Hearst, Virgin America, Hewlett Packard, Discovery Communications, Millennial Media, Bazaarvoice and more. We will also have partners like Keboola in the mix.

We’ve already talked about CAB with the board members extensively, and here’s what they’re excited about:

“We consider ourselves analytics allies with GoodData, so I’m excited to help them shape their goals and plans in ways that will lead to success for everyone.”

Cecile Horsky

C: What do you think your favorite part of CAB will be?

A: Meeting customers face to face! I’m very excited to spend two days getting to know our customers on a deeper level both personally and professionally. Of course, one of the bonuses will be sharing a few of GoodData’s favorite wines with our friends, and chatting about things beyond analytics over dinners and drinks.

C: Will there be any surprises?

A: We will give our CAB a chance to discuss an upcoming product release, which is planned for 2015. It’s going to be huge, and their input will be invaluable and will help guide the direction of future releases as well.

We’ll check in with Amy after CAB, but until then, we’re honored to host customers from so many great organizations. We look forward to productive discussions, great dinners, and putting on a great CAB experience for our customers.

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Written by GoodData Author  | 

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