Why Develop Data Products on Top of Headless BI
EVENTS  |  Dec 9, 2021

Why Develop Data Products on Top of Headless BI

Why Develop Data Products on Top of Headless BI

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Building advanced data products comes with several challenges:

  • End users consume analytics in many different ways, including dashboards; ad-hoc data discovery; exporting to Excel or desktop BI; importing data to AI, ML, and statistical tools; and receiving emails with PDF or XLS attachments.
  • You have to maintain consistency of the analytics across multiple consumers and the channels mentioned above.
  • Self-service that is required as a one-size-fits-all approach never works in analytics.
  • Developers want to build dashboards rapidly and, as a code, integrate analytics to the stack with open APIs.
  • Infrastructure teams need zero downtime and continuous deployment of the analytical stack, deployable to microservices-based projects.
  • Product management needs flexibility, customizability, and a solution that will support its roadmap plans.

In this meetup, we will explain the fundamental concepts of a headless BI with live examples. You’ll learn:

  • Why you should use the semantic model to ensure data consistency across all users of your data product
  • How composable measures enable self-service analytics for your end users
  • The importance of defining metrics and all analytics objects declaratively to achieve agile, continuous delivery of your data product
  • How open APIs deliver analytics to all channels and places where your users need it

You can download your version of the headless BI from dockerhub, or learn more about the product at www.gooddata.com/developers.

If you are interested in GoodData.CN, please contact us. Alternatively, sign up for a trial version of GoodData Cloud: https://www.gooddata.com/trial/

Meet the speakers

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Martin Svadlenka

Product Manager

Martin has spent most of his professional career as a Product Manager, including years of experience working with customers and users from many different business domains. He considers life as one big product management experience — from the vision and roadmap to efficiently collaborating with others. At GoodData, Martin leads GoodData.CN, the cloud-native, headless analytics service. He ensures that all users — from developers to data analysts — will have a successful tool for valuable analytical projects and applications.

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