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Redefining Data as a Service

Redefining Data as a Service

Redefining Data as a Service

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Business intelligence and analytics are in need of change. Our solution? Rebuild with a new framework: Data as a Service.

Data as a Service isn’t a new term, but to this point, its definitions have been disparate. There are two common understandings of data as a service:

  1. DaaS means purchasing relevant data sets (from a provider like LexisNexis) and disseminating that data into insights.
  2. DaaS revolves around the storage and dissemination of data.

While these definitions describe data services, they don’t describe Data as a Service. In the same way that infrastructure and software as a service are scalable to everyone in an organization, DaaS is ubiquitous.

In this e-book, we redefine Data as a Service as a methodology and framework for overhauling the way businesses approach analytics. A DaaS solution grants access to data insights at every level of an organization, all while maintaining consistent metrics and comprehensive security.

Download the e-book to learn how DaaS solves for the last mile of analytics.

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