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Analytical Designer On-Demand Demo

Analytical Designer On-Demand Demo

Analytical Designer On-Demand Demo

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The unfortunate reality of BI for many business users, and even some analysts, is that they don’t have the expertise to discover, develop and share the advanced insights that they need to propel their business forward.

The Analytical Designer is GoodData’s new drag and drop data discovery interface that presents recommendations to guide all users to best practice insights, without requiring them to have a deep understanding of the data model.

This new, guided experience is derived from the expertise and best practices of thousands of companies within the GoodData network, giving every user the ability to create more advanced insights faster than ever before.

  • Drag and drop interface guides users to better insights, faster
  • Best practice recommendations uncover new perspectives
  • Collective learning of the GoodData network enhances the skills of every user

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