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GoodData’s Analytics Distribution Platform is a highly scalable and secure, cloud BI solution that unlocks the value of enterprise data assets by delivering targeted analytics to customers and business partners.

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Easy Data Loading

Load approved or personal CSV data into the analytics workspace while GoodData masks the complexity and synchronizes the technical updates.

Self Service Analytics

Explore your data through an easy to use drag and drop data-discovery canvas and build beautiful, responsive dashboards that can be deployed to multiple workspaces at once.

Alerts and Collaboration

Enable your team to be part of a data-driven culture with insights at their fingertips using email sharing, alerts and notifications.

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Scalable Distribution

The GoodData platform includes advanced distribution and product lifecycle management features to automate the process of maintaining one-to-many cloud deployments. GoodData automates the provisioning and updating of multiple analytical workspaces at once, helping you grow without worrying about the scalability, security or performance of the platform.

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Guided User Experience

GoodData provides a highly engaging guided analytic exploration experience that drives actionable insights by teaching users best practice techniques through recommendations inside the interface.

GoodData’s dashboards are responsive, mobile optimized, and include built-in alert, email and collaboration features to promote sharing across the organization.

With self-service data access, users can independently craft their own analysis and blend personal data with governed, centrally provided structures to speed their time to next insight.

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Proven Expertise
  • We believe that BI is more than just a product, it’s a partnership. Our team of experts is available to help at every step along your journey.
  • On-site Go-to-Market workshops, conducted by internal Business Architects, cover topics far beyond functional definitions for engineering to help customers design, draft and deliver engaging data products quickly.
  • Our professional services and award-winning customer support teams offer in-product expertise to ensure that deployments stay on-track and on-time.
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Retail Analytics Interactive Demo

Consumers today have multiple touch points (online, mobile, and in-store) to inform their purchases. Retailers need to identify opportunities in the physical and online target markets for growth in the new retail landscape.

Travel and Hospitality Interactive Demo

The travel and hospitality industry has become one of the most disruptive industries and many providers are racing to enhance the consumer experience.

Analytical Designer, Guided Data Discovery

Our guided analytics experience is derived from the expertise and best practices of thousands of companies for more advanced insights faster than ever.

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