Cloud analytics never looked so good.

Insights at the blink of an eye.

GoodData goes beyond BI to deliver high value Insights as a Service. We provide advanced analytics for driven organizations to create new revenue streams. Our strength is helping marketers and ISVs understand their customers’ behavior and needs.

Good decisions won’t come any faster.

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CMOs move to the
front of the line.

GoodData provides digital marketing analytics to understand your customers’ buying journey, improve the ROI of multi-touch nurture campaigns, and use social analytics to link advertising spend to revenue.


CXOs love
good data.

We identify operational insights that improve the health and agility of your business. With GoodData, organizations make faster decisions, allocate resources more efficiently and improve predictability.


A product
manager’s dream.

Popular software vendors create revenue-generating data products, Powered by GoodData. OEMs tell us that embedded analytics are the   number one reason their customers upgrade.

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Solutions to transform your business

GoodData is a comprehensive cloud analytics platform that integrates cloud data with operational sources to quickly uncover:

  • Customer Insights that measure Marketing’s impact on the business
  • Operational Insights that improve decision making efficiency and increase sales velocity
  • Opportunities to generate new revenue streams through embedded analytics
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meet gooddata in 60 seconds
Eliminate the wait with an instant-on cloud BI platform.

GoodData has it all: Big Data-ready ETL/ELT, data warehousing, advanced analytics and visualization, even self-service data discovery, all in one cloud analytics platform. We manage the technology and the data pipeline, and our unique collective learning capabilities teach users how to become better analysts. We call this guided analytics. It’s new and it’s amazing.

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Our customers are leading SaaS and technology providers, retailers and ecommerce vendors, travel service and healthcare providers, digital media and entertainment networks, and telecommunications and consumer packaged good suppliers.

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The GoodData difference.

We start at insights, and we start fast.

Right after you sign, we get to work using our insight accelerators to deliver dashboards, reports and predictive analytics that match your business, nearly instantly.

We are a 100%
cloud service.

In the cloud, we manage the technology and the data, you focus on analytics. No hardware, no software, no maintenance, no overhead, no waiting for IT.

We go way
beyond BI.

We use our experience and our products to help you become better analysts. We make recommendations based on this collective learning to teach users how to analyze.

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Perfect.Let's get started.