Embedded Analytics Partners

More power to you, and your customers.

Software vendors can use analytics Powered By GoodData as their competitive advantage and embed the GoodData Open Analytics Platform into product offerings. GoodData helps Embedded Analytics partners deliver the best analytics to their customers.  That means better experiences and insights, and one more reason for customers to upgrade.

Any way you want it, that’s the way you get it.

We work with Embedded Analytics partners to fully customize and even white-label for an end user experience that seamlessly integrates with the existing products and brand. Users love it.

Scale happens.  Automatically.

The multi-tenant GoodData Open Analytics Platform instantly scales as you add customers and users. Provision new customers in seconds, automatically.  Further, you gain automatic data integration, storage, disaster recovery and backup that leave you free to focus on the value of your product.

Go to Market with Experience.

As an Embedded Analytics partner, we will help you deliver repeatable embedded analytics solutions based on the metrics most important to your customers. Our experienced team has worked with over 100 leading and disruptive independent software vendors (ISVs) across all industry verticals.  We collaborate with you on a go-to-market approach that complements and increases the value of your product so you can focus on your core competencies. 

With Powered By GoodData, Embedded Analytics Partners enjoy:

  • Complete functionality of the GoodData Open Analytics Platform
  • Custom branding and color palettes
  • Flexible interactive dashboards
  • Custom reports for ad hoc analysis
  • Seamless product integration
  • Access to development and test environments
  • Proven best practices for monetizing embedded analytics
  • Opportunities to create cross-customer comparisons and benchmarks

Learn how to launch your embedded analytics offering Powered By GoodData in 90 days or less.  For more information contact us today.


GoodData’s Open Analytics Platform makes it easy to consolidate all of the relevant data within your agency to better understand your customers, enhance the agility and performance of your team, and achieve a higher ROI on all activities for your customers. 

Your customers also need better analytics, but building out the features and infrastructure to support those demands is no small feat. Grow your business by delivering beautiful, advanced analytics, Powered By GoodData.  Provide critical insights through innovative analytic products and services delivered as an embedded solution, or as a white labeled analytics dashboard.

Our Platform, Your Brand

Fully white-labeled for a seamless user experience.

  • Easily integrate into existing products, or create new ones
  • Customizable, beautiful dashboards - as branded and delivered by you
  • Best-in-class reporting and dashboards
  • Little-to-no technical maintenance - we handle all that

Easy, Multi-Channel Reporting

Finally, reports and dashboards that consolidate ALL of your data.

  • Connect to any digital data source, exchange or social media environment
  • Predictive functions ensure accurate analysis
  • Interactive visualizations encourage data discovery
  • Flexibility to adapt as requirements change

Deliver Value Quickly

Built for speed - enabling a culture of innovation among your customers.

  • Better, faster, more detailed insights
  • Easy-to-build, custom reports
  • Customize dashboards to fit client needs
  • White-labeled for enhanced branding and analytical credibility

Your Competitive Advantage

Produce more value for your customers - and more money for you.

  • Beautiful user interface to match your brand
  • Built on the industry’s best technologies
  • Reliable back end that scales as you grow
  • Highly secure to keep your customer’s data safe

Learn how top digital agencies are leveraging GoodData to their advantage.  For more information contact us today.

Implementation Partners

Implementation partners land referrals, create custom analytics solutions for clients, or build their own applications upon the GoodData Open Analytics Platform. 

Refer and co-sell opportunities. 

Help customers and prospects make better decisions. Let GoodData help present the benefits and close the deal. 

Offer custom implementation services. 

From training through enablement and customer support, GoodData experts are available to assist your consulting team in a client implementation or to bring a new practice to market. 

GoodData offers a comprehensive training and certification program to ensure that your first GoodData implementation becomes your showpiece for subsequent engagements.

Use BI Dashboards.

BI dashboards, full data governance functionality, analytics and visualization technology enable you to add business intelligence to your implementation portfolio. 

Learn how you can become a GoodData Implementation Partner.  For more information contact us today.

Technology Partners

The GoodData Open Analytics Platform is built on industry-leading technologies to ensure dependable performance, integration and efficiency.  GoodData is committed to building and promoting complementary solutions with Technology Partners that benefit both companies and mutual customers.

For more information regarding a technology partnership with GoodData contact us today.


Technology Partners

Technology Partners

Implementation Partners

Embedded Analytics Partners

Embedded Analytics Partners

Technology Partners


Technology Partners

Embedded Analytics Partners

Embedded Analytics Partners

Technology Partners

Embedded Analytics Partners

Embedded Analytics Partners

Embedded Analytics Partners

Implementation Partners

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