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Advanced Analytics is the number one reason our customers upgrade.”

Sam Boonin, Vice President of Products

Customer Story: Zendesk

Advanced Customer Analytics: Making data and analytics more zen for customer service teams.


Industry: Technology

Company size: 250-500 employees

Product: Powered By GoodData

Data sources: Customer support tickets

"Prospects that trial Advanced Analytics are 2x more likely to become customers."

About Zendesk

Zendesk builds customer service software that brings companies and customers closer together.

Zendesk's Data Story
days to get Zendesk's Advanced Analytics up and running
of Zendesk's high revenue customers use embedded Advanced Analytics
ETL syncs per day handled by a managed analytics service
Advanced Analytics, Powered By GoodData, is the second most adopted feature by Zendesk customers (among features that must be enabled)
The Story

30,000+ companies around the world use Zendesk to engage with their customers and provide customer service. "Customer service is hard work," Sam Boonin, VP of Products at Zendesk, said. "To deliver great customer service, our customers require a deep understanding of their customer interactions and internal support workflows."

To offer their customers the best possible analytics tool, Zendesk partnered with GoodData, a best-of-breed solution that provides both the analytics functionality that their customer base demanded and a seamlessly integrated product experience.

"We wanted to deliver powerful, data-driven insights to our customers but it would have taken nearly a year for us to build an analytics infrastructure as robust as GoodData's," Sam said. "We turned to GoodData to help us deliver analytics that not only met the diverse needs of our customers but also had the ease of use for fast user adoption and continued engagement."

The Solution

In just 90 days, GoodData built Zendesk's Advanced Analytics, a robust analytics offering available to Zendesk's data-hungry customers who demand more customizable, in-depth reporting. "Being able to partner with GoodData to build out our advanced reporting features has freed our team to focus on other areas of our product, like the Zendesk Benchmark, Help Center, and other innovations," Sam said. "Working with GoodData is the equivalent of having a large team of experts exclusively dedicated to analytics, but for a fraction of the operating cost."

Zendesk customers, like ModCloth, Zuora, Elance, and WePay, are now using GoodData to track key performance indicators through various lenses. "The GoodData integration with Zendesk is awesome. We just turned it on with one click and had instant access to all these great pre-built reports, as well as the option to build custom reports from scratch," Marlene Summers, Director of Global Support at Zuora, said.

"Our partnership with GoodData has had a hugely positive impact on the business," Sam said. "From product maturity to scalability to operational costs, no one else out there gets close to doing what GoodData does."

30,000+ companies use GoodData.

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