Sam Boonin, Vice President of Products
Advanced Analytics is the #1 reason our customers upgrade.
Sam Boonin
Vice President of Products


Customer Story

The Story

Zendesk builds customer service software that brings companies and customers closer together. More than 40,000 companies around the world use Zendesk to engage with their customers and provide a beautifully simple customer service experience. 

The Problem

To deliver great customer service, Zendesk’s customers require a deep understanding of their own customer interactions and internal support workflows. In 2011, Zendesk knew that their customers needed more extensive reporting, but building the architecture internally to support premier analytics would be expensive. They realized a third party solution would be the best option and needed one that was highly scalable and cloud-based solution to support their growing customer base.
The Solution

In just 90 days, GoodData built Advanced Analytics seamlessly into Zendesk’s UI, a feature that is now the primary value add for their Plus and Enterprise plans. They quickly recognized the success of their monetization strategy, but over time have learned that it is also a significant competitive advantage. From the day Zendesk introduced GoodData, it became the #1 reason their customers upgraded. Today, 80% of Zendesk’s Plus and Enterprise customers continue to use the Advanced Analytics every day - creating a more sticky relationship with the product and reducing the probability for customers to churn. 

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