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In the perfect company, sales and marketing would work side-by-side to achieve success.

Marketing would excite potential customers about the company’s products, capturing a wide array of information that sets the sales team up with the tools to further explain products. Sales would run with this information, eventually closing the deal.

But this ideal scenario rarely plays out. Instead, the two departments often take turns playing Lucy and Charlie Brown--one of them sets...

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In the world of data and analytics everyone talks about the three V’s of big data: volume, velocity and variety. We know that big data is messy, and these characteristics create massive complications for companies when it comes to their analytics.

The heart of GoodData is Our Extensible Analytics Engine (XAE) sits between the everchanging data in our Agile Data Warehouse and business-driven requirements, visualized through our intuitive dashboards....

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4 of 5: After learning how GoodData impacts IT, increases productivity, and delivers more visibility into business performance, let’s explore exactly why and how GoodData user adoption rocks compared with other BI solutions.

“User adoption is the key success criteria for any business intelligence project,” says BI veteran...

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3 of 5: After exploring how self-service ups employee productivity and how cloud-based BI is changing IT, today let’s take a closer look at how GoodData is giving businesses more visibility into their own operations and performance.

Picture a warehouse building with no windows. When the owner of the building wants to know how things are looking inside,...

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