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From the outside, GoodData’s Pacific Heights room looks like a university library during finals: slightly-overcaffeinated students sit in front of their laptops discussing homework assignments well after midnight. But this isn’t a scene from Berkeley or MIT-- it’s GoodData Boot Camp.

Boot Camp started as an...

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If GoodData is the “end-to-end solution in the cloud,” then Redbubble has become the end-to-end adopter of cloud business intelligence. As the finest online creative community and marketplace, Redbubble knows how to enable artists to do business. By adopting GoodData’s platform in 6 of our 7 departments, we have enabled ourselves to be more efficient and to make accurate, data-driven decisions.

For me, the choice between cloud and on-premise data solutions was simple...

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Come one, come all, it’s time to party with GoodData and Zendesk!

Tonight, we are hosting the first-ever, bona fide Dreamforce Carnival Bash, with all the circus-themed accoutrements and sideshow acts. We’re very excited to partner with Zendesk for the greatest Dreamforce party on earth. If you step into this three-ring extravaganza, you will experience:

  • A gif photo booth.
  • A...
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I love clever use cases for our business intelligence platform and I’m frequently impressed with the how cloud BI can help create data-driven services for almost anyone, even packrats like myself. Yes, there is a BI solution that helps me store my stuff, and GoodData has invited Josh Lipton, the VP of Technology at SpareFoot, the world’s best marketplace for self-storage, to chat with me at Dreamforce about it.

Our informal half-hour fireside will delve into the ways SpareFoot has implemented GoodData’s Open Analytics Platform to...

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