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Sr. Director of Data Science and Engineering at Bonobos
March 30, 2015

As the largest apparel brand ever built on the web in the US, Bonobos knows the importance of leading the tech adoption charge. We strive to make great clothing, provide great service, and to make the perfect fit and style available to everyone. In order to accomplish this goal, we’ve always led the charge of enterprise tech trends in the retail space. In the past we’ve been praised for our bold approach to ecommerce and building a brand online. We have also continuously innovated in the click-and-mortar space...

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Sr. Product Specialist
March 26, 2015

It’s no secret that big money...and Big Data...go into March Madness. The Chicago Tribune estimates that college basketball is the fastest-growing fantasy sport, and they aren’t wrong--NCAA fantasy could have grown up to 10 times what it was two years ago. But this isn’t the only “big” data point involved in NCAA basketball--the game has recently turned to analytics, and it’s leaning on the strength of the data more than ever.

Basketball fans (and coaches) have become...

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Technical Program Manager
March 25, 2015

When thinking about how to get value from your data, begin with the end in mind. There are no easy analytics projects, and when difficulties arise, a clear understanding of why the project is important will provide guidance for decision-making, alignment among all teams involved, and peace of mind that the problems are worth solving. To that end, below are four secrets of when envisioning how your company’s data will lead to actionable insights.

1. Keep your eye on the prize:...

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Senior Manager, Go to Market Technology at Atlassian
March 17, 2015

Atlassian is all about teams. From big teams to small teams, distributed to centralized, our great joy is to bring team members together to communicate, collaborate, and advance humanity through the power of software. Atlassian’s team is more than 1300 strong, which often makes sharing insights a challenge.

Being a data-driven organization, we started with humble beginnings, by rolling out a homegrown reporting solution to our entire global company. Our original solution was a complex network of SQL queries embedded in our internal...

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