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Communications Associate
July 16,2014

Among companies ensuring they integrate analytics into their decisions, Nucleus Research found that all organizations are facing similar challenges. Business users are looking for better self-service solutions with stronger features and capabilities for immediate use and IT teams are facing demanding and time-consuming customization and data integration requirements.

In Nucleus Research’s recent report, Assessing the Benefits of GoodData, analysts found that by deploying GoodData’s...

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Product Marketing Manager
July 16,2014

Modern marketing organizations are in a race to adopt best of breed technologies to help improve the performance and automation of their marketing activities. We need to optimize budgets, identify and capitalize on trends or product correlations, and ultimately attribute how all of the dollars we’re spending are impacting sales. An advanced analytics platform is the centerpiece of all of these activities, but even still the revenue attribution is where problems arise for most of us.

We gather vast amounts of data from all of platforms that we use to engage...

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Product Manager
“How is it possible that the brain, a wrinkled chunk of meat and fat squeezed into a cavity too small for its size, can accomplish such challenging tasks?”

So begins Alberto Cairo in his acclaimed book, The Functional Art1. How is it that the human mind can possibly be so skilled at processing information that helps us navigate through life? Making comparisons, discovering relationships, noticing patterns, drawing conclusions: there’s...

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Grandmaster Intern

In 1930, just six years after the first winter Olympics, FIFA organized the first World Cup – hosted by then-Olympic Champion Uruguay.  2014 marks the ninth year in which the World Cup can truly be called the “World” Cup – every continent is represented, with the exception of Antarctica (thank Odin, look at this mayhem):


As a former player and a long time soccer/futbol/football/足球/[“football” in languages I don’t speak] fan, I feel comfortable saying that the 2014 World Cup has so far contained...

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