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Partner at Keboola, Product and Business Nut Cracker

1 of 3: This is the first in a series of blog posts celebrating Keboola’s 5-year anniversary as GoodData’s partner. Today, we reflect on why we chose to become to GoodData’s first partner. Next week, we’ll discuss the specific implementation solutions we provide.

Five years ago today, Keboola cold-called the fledgling GoodData offices. We were looking for a solution to provide some of our customers with business intelligence, and had found GoodData. We didn’t know during that first call that our partnership would last 5 years, pivot our business, and...

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Vice President, Product Marketing

“Surprise,” “Delight”...turning customers into fans is at the forefront of every organization’s mind these days. Particularly for PaaS, SaaS, and other subscription-based services, building products that customers are obsessed with is critical to recurring revenue growth and long-term business success. At GoodData, the customer is at the heart of both our product and business strategy, advising us on everything from product features, to user experience design, to platform...

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Big Data is good for business, right?  As more companies compile and analyze Big Data and unlock business insight, advantages are uncovered, innovations are created, and competition increases—life is good. We love Big Data, but soon everyone will have it.  What happens next?

Forward-thinking companies are discovering that when they turn to GoodData All-Data Business Intelligence , they are equipped to unearth new insight beyond what’s possible by mining Big Data alone...

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Communications Associate

There’s a newcomer to town that’s soon to get a lot of attention: the ‘All-Data’ Enterprise. These are companies who are looking beyond classic BI data sources and tracking more than only financial or operating metrics.

They’re breaking into the wisdom hidden in alternative data sources, such as social media feeds, machine sensor logs, and weather patterns. They’re uncovering important relationships...

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