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Vander Jagt

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Director, Product Marketing
January 28, 2015

OK. How big is that haystack, again?  Currently, right now on the planet Earth, we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data each day.  If you have a hard time visualizing that, Jenna Pucket of TechnologyAdvice suggests imagining 57.5 BILLION 32GB iPads—that’s eight iPads for every person on earth, every day.

This huge and growing amount of data is the problem that businesses are...

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Founder & CEO
January 26, 2015

"Intuition will tell the thinking mind where to look next.” -- Jonas Salk

When Jonas Salk uttered these words, the United States had just conquered the polio epidemic in 1952. The “Salk” vaccine saved the nation from a deadly illness, and Salk himself attributed that success to his intuition.  In other words, his hunch.

But hunches are not enough for today’s business problem solving. Now, we require data that confirms our intuition and builds insight--to...

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Communications Associate
January 22, 2015

Self-service BI is for everyone.  According to Gartner, Inc., in the near future, “BI and analytics won't be used just to serve up a report to hundreds of users, or through providing business users with a good-looking visualization or dashboard, but they will also be used by individuals to do their day-to-day tasks better” (Market Trends: Business Intelligence Tipping Points Herald a New Era of Analytics, Dan Sommer, Frank Buytendijk, Kurt Schlegel, 11...

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Social Media & Community Coordinator
January 21, 2015

IT isn’t the only team in town. Maybe they had dominion over business intelligence when advanced analytics relied on “legacy” on-premise platforms; but now that we’re in a new age of cloud business intelligence—business analysts and executives can help themselves.

“For many business executives, big data is still ambiguous — even today,” says William McKnight of GigaOm Research. “Before they can understand how to...

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