“Innovation is not necessarily a bed of roses,” writes Ben Horowitz in The Hard Thing About Hard Things. After seeing innovation both succeed and fail, I couldn’t agree more. The best thing about working in the Silicon Valley is the amazing culture of innovation that surrounds our industry. But despite everyone’s best intentions, sometimes, innovation on its own is no longer...

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Social Media

Director, Member of Security Management Team

By now, you’ve probably heard about the Bash bug Shellshock. Even though patches and updates have all-but silenced this potentially disastrous bug, it seems to have started a greater...

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Social Media

Sales Development Manager

There is a lot of buzz around social selling as the sales method of the future. I had a chance to attend the LinkedIn Sales Connect conference in San Francisco last week.  Most of the people I spoke to there agree that having a social selling strategy is beneficial and advantageous to a successful sales organization, but what can you do now to enable your overall sales strategy?  Fortunately, LinkedIn brought together...

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Adding analytics to your product and creating dashboards that yield new performance insights are two of the best improvements you can make to your business. Collaborative social functions, new processes, and workflows provided without the ability to view, analyze, and improve will place your business at a significant competitive disadvantage in today's data-driven world.

Before they launch analytics, most companies overlook many of the key go-to-...

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