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The Open Analytics Platform

The first of its kind to support IT's needs for data governance, security and oversight, and business users' desire for self-service discovery.

GoodData pre-built connectors and APIs


GoodData Data Storage Service


GoodData Integration Service: Data Services


GoodData Extensible Analytics Engine (XAE)


GoodData Visualization Layer


Appliance-Free Zone: Infinitely Open, Scalable and Flexible Analytics Platform

Non-Discriminatory Data Connectors

  • Connect to literally any data source - Big, small, structured, unstructured.
  • Open to alternatives in order to leverage existing investments and maintain high control.
  • Load raw data directly before transformation to improve agility and ongoing flexibility.
Data sources

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Built on the Best

Introducing DSS (Data Storage Service)

  • Highly secure, limitless storage in the cloud.
  • Multi-stage storage and transformation adds necessary structure to capture and keep all data.
  • Full visibility into database organization and activity.
  • Eliminates traditional cube performance and data access bottlenecks.
  • Execute data workflow programs and R prediction scripts within DSS.
Built on the best


Trusted Governance

  • High performance aggregation with Logical Data Modeling functions.
  • Multi Dimensional ROLAP cubes are easy to query and highly scalable.
  • Subject specific datamarts maintain context for end users.
  • Full administrative, notification and alerting support.
Built on the best
GoodData MAQL™

Encouraging Data Discovery

  • Full libraries of statistical functions and features.
  • Simple ad-hoc reporting creates agile, self-service culture.
  • Pre-built analytic packages for business specific use cases.
  • Transparent to developers with programmatic support for Ruby, Java, JavaScript.
Built on the best
Extensible Analytics Engine (XAE)


Delightfully Simple to Use

  • Prescriptive, guiding interface drives users to accurate analysis.
  • Interactive dashboards promote data discovery.
  • Predictive explorers enable users to visually filter data and drill into results.
  • Open to third party visualization layers like Power BI, Tableau or RoamBI.
Built on the best
GoodData Whitelabeling

You should be a data scientist, not a system administrator
Breaking Tradition in BI

Data Governance Promotes Discovery
You can't promote data discovery without solid governance. When users are confident in their data they start to think more like revenue generators, and fully participate in the analytic experience.

Open Platform
No matter what problem you're trying to solve, we've got you covered. Our open platform can be customized and embedded in any third party application, or even white-labeled and presented as a part of your own product.

Analytics as a Service
GoodData eliminates essentially all IT overhead related to system management, expansion, and performance - without sacrificing performance or security. The best part is, all you need is a login.

One platform. Three ways to unleash unlimited business intelligence.


GoodData Platform
New rules for any BI engagement.
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