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Connect to Any Data Source

Big, small, structured, unstructured-our data connectors don't discriminate. Open to alternatives in order to leverage existing investments and maintain high control. Load raw data directly before transformation to improve agility and ongoing flexibility.

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Product Technical Connect to Any Data Source
Get Enterprise Grade Organization

Our Agile Data Warehousing Service provides a distributed columnar cloud warehouse for the efficient aggregation and organization of data from all source systems. Leverage SQL based tools with our Data Integration Service for enrichment and preparation prior to analysis.

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Experience Powerful Analytics

Our Extensible Analytics Engine promotes data discovery with libraries of predictive statistical functions and an intuitive interface for self-service ad hoc reporting. Additional tools like the Automation SDK allow for the packaging and deployment of projects to internal or external users, at scale.

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Product Technical Experience Powerful Analytics
Enjoy Flexible Visualization

GoodData interactive dashboards promote data discovery, with a prescriptive interface that guides users to accurate analysis. Predictive functions also help users plan ahead with more accurate forecasts and trending.

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Analytics as a Service

GoodData eliminates essentially all IT overhead related to system management, expansion, and performance - without sacrificing performance or security. Our open platform can be customized and embedded in any third party application, or even presented as a part of your own product. It's the first of its kind to support IT's needs for data governance, security and oversight, and business users' desire for self-service discovery.


Product Technical Analytics as a Service

The Forrester Wave

Discover vendors who deliver top BI to business users in Forrester’s Agile BI Wave.

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See how companies use GoodData to break down the barriers of traditional business intelligence and improve data driven productivity with analytics.

Guided Data Discovery

Our guided analytics experience is derived from the expertise and best practices of thousands of companies for more advanced insights faster than ever.

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