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GoodData Platform Architecture
End-to-end Data Governance and Discovery


Connect to structured and unstructured data from any source

GoodData pre-built connectors and APIs
Collect Structured On Premise
Unstructured Cloud


Gather and store complete history

GoodData Data Storage Service
  • Highly secure
  • Fault tolerant and fully recoverable


Integrate and validate data, and apply business rules on the fly for contextual analysis

GoodData Integration Service: Data Services
  • Business transformations
  • Exception reporting and validation
  • Full admin, notification and alerting support


Execute descriptive and predictive analysis through an extensive library of functions and features

GoodData Extensible Analytics Engine (XAE)
  • Full library of statistical functions and features
  • Sentiment analysis for text data


Report, collaborate, and uncover insights through a comprehensive, diverse set of visualizations

GoodData Visualization Layer
  • Easy to use interactive UI
  • Prebuilt visual analytical applications
  • Extensible through full SDK
Data Governance Data Discovery

Powered By

GoodData PoweredBy BI Apps

Our platform. Your brand.
Full power.

  • Embed in your existing app, or
  • Fully branded portal
  • Either way—full speed and scale
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Business Intelligence Platform

GoodData Business Intelligence Platform

Let your team
build your BI Apps.

  • Open platform
  • Proven to delight end users
  • Go live in days—not years
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BI Dashboards

GoodData Prebuilt BI Apps - Salesforce

for immediate results.

  • Sales, marketing, social and support. Box and Yammer, too
  • Best practices and then some
  • Go live in days—not months
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The GoodData Platform:
The only end-to-end cloud business intelligence platform for business
and IT to deliver BI in weeks.

See how it runs
The GoodData advantage. They've all felt it.

Customer Obsession

Understand and serve your customer. It's the highest form of respect you can show them.

"Data used to divide people. Now it unites them."

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Speed to Value

From zero to on-demand analytics in no time flat.

"We saw our first charts in a few hours."

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Better data inspires bigger ideas.

"Advanced Analytics is the number one reason our customers upgrade."

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The address must be from a business address, not a free service.

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